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The Vaguely Horrifying Costumed Characters Of Great Adventure's Past

Everybody remembers those creepy Six Flags commercials with the dancing cipher known as Mr. Six, but you may not realize that Great Adventure has a long history of featuring costumed characters that resemble H.R. Pufnstufian fever dreams. Having spent the bulk of my morning browsing around the Great Adventure History website, I can speak with some confidence when I say the park's past is weirder than I ever imagined. Throughout the decades it has hosted a variety of mascots ranging from the expected (Spider-Man, Captain America) to random video game stars (hello Mr. and Ms. Pac-Man) to borderline offensive racial stereotypes (Pedro Parrot, Officer O'Malley). We also discovered the paradigm-shifting fact that Pulsar, the Pulsations Robot was a female, and her brother entertained guests at Great Adventure under the name 'Sci-Fi." The more you know! You can see a complete rundown of the various characters here, with the strangest featured in the above gallery. Sadly Fat Spidey, Shitty Gandalf, Drunken Bear, Predator Prospector, the Trading Places gorilla, et al. have no place in the Great Adventure of 2016. Whether or not that is a loss is best left for your psychologist to decide. Or, more likely, mine.

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