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The Ever-Prolific Steve Keene Returns To Space 1026 With 500 New Works Tomorrow

On Steve Keene's deliberately low-tech website, bold red text declares "over 300,000 paintings sold or given away." Such creative bombast is usually reserved for those starving artist show and sale ads that wallpaper Saturday afternoon television, but Keene ranks far above that lot. Rising to prominence in the 90s thanks to his cover art for a who's who of indie rockers -- his work is on the cover of your worn-out copy of Wowee Zowee after all-- he became known for his swift ability to turn around dynamic works that he often dispatched quickly and cheaply to lovers of his art. And he still does, as will be demonstrated at tomorrow night's opening for Steve Keene Is Selling 500 Paintings Right Now at Space 1026. The gallery's website is light on details about the show but that's more than okay. The surprise of the scope of Keene's work for sale will be enough for even the most hungry of artists or fans to find nourishment.

A free opening reception for Steve Keene Is Selling 500 Paintings Right Now will be held at Space 1026 on Friday, May 6 from 7-10pm. The show will run through May 29th.

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