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Image courtesy Phillip Gabriel/Mole Street Artists.

Image courtesy Phillip Gabriel/Mole Street Artists.

It would be surprising to find another city in America, or even the world, that has the same philosophy that Philadelphia does about the block party. What the Free Birthday Grand Slam Breakfast is to Denny’s, the block party is to Philadelphia: There is a tacit understanding among us that everybody deserves one, that putting up a couple of fold-out tables and some baby pools and having your neighbor rig together some kind of sound system to blast Freestyle is a birthright that could predate the city itself. Local government websites (especially these days) have, one assumes, a limited capacity to convey joy, but don’t tell that to the little nook on you go to when it’s time to apply for a permit.

Of course, there are rules: The block shouldn’t be a major thoroughfare, and sadly, as of this writing, the Dumpster Pool Decriminalization Movement is only in its infancy. But taken as a whole, the Philly block party comes in every flavor: Some block parties are big, some have the same nine people every year and that is fine. For the last few years, though, Molestice event has dared to dream big. This Saturday's event is no different, as the block of 100 N. Mole Street — a tiny artery that stretches mightily through the city — will welcome music, food, beer, stuff for the kids, and a lineup that includes Ali Awan, Great Time, Camp Candle, and &More, a new project from Chill Moody. Oh, and lots and lots of people.

But all block parties start with that same philosophy and that same happy form website. The simplicity of what one needs to get a block party permit in Philly has also always been a delightful thing to know:


By edict of the city, it takes 75% to get a party going. Something about this feels not just like local statute, but universal order.

-- Joey Sweeney


· Molestice ain’t the only Solestice thing: There’s also Firefly Night at The Woodlands, the Garden of Earthly Delights at Bartram’s Garden, and the Divination Fair in Old City. But if you really wanna get witchay with it, metal legends Pentagram see the return of the one and only Bobby Leibling at Voltage. (All on Friday)

· Oh hello, you say you like sweating and you like rock music? Sheer Mag at World Cafe Live.  (Saturday)

· And on Sunday, God said to the people, stop parking in the bike lanes. She also decreed a pretty sweet two-night run of shows at Johnny Brenda’s that bleed right into the week: Sunday with the sweet rootsy pop od of both Faye Webster and Jenny O, and Monday with Daddy Long Legs and Philly’s venerable/lovable Tough Sh*ts.