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Philly Band Laser Background Just Released A Trippy As Hell 3D/360/Virtual Reality Video

For a good while now, Philly's Laser Background have been making the kind of weird, anything-goes psychedelia that makes the Flaming Lips sound like Bob Seger. But to promote their new LP Correct and its accompanying tour, they've gone even a little further out and employed some bleeding-edge technology to bring their lysergic sensibilities to the people. Directed by Greg O'Connell, the clip for Correct's "Tropic Of Cancer" is so wild, it comes with instructions:

* while viewable on a desktop, this is a full 3D video, meaning that it will sync with the gyroscope of your phone, and act as a porthole into the spherical world of this video. pretty wild. you can also watch it using Google Cardboard.
2) If possible, watch over wifi & set the quality to the highest possible. 1440 p preferred. Greg made an amazingly intricate & detailed computer animation that looks really great at high quality.

The band is on tour now. Google Cardboard costs like $10, though, and is worth it for this alone.

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