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Philly Orchestra Solidifies “Open Relationship” Status With Yannick; Could Get Freaky

Photo: Philadelphia Orchestra/Chris Lee

Photo: Philadelphia Orchestra/Chris Lee

Who doesn’t like Yannick Nezét-Séguin? He’s the most hot doggin’ young(ish) classical conductor in all of this whole darned hot dog world, and he fits us here in Hot Dog City like a hot dog glove! He’s a plotline in Mozart In The Jungle that hasn’t happened yet but is bound to! (Do you watch Mozart In The Jungle? You really should. It is fantastic.) Meanwhile, in real life, Yannick’s hot doggin’ just turned into a foot-long, as two competing stories hit the streets, and depending on which hot dog cart you frequented, you could have gotten either one: In New York, the headline was “The Met Chooses Yannick Nezét-Séguin” while in Philly, it was “Philly Orchestra Director To Somehow Lead NYC’s Met Opera, And It Could Be Great.”

Ruh-roh. Because while, in reality, both of these statements are true, do you see the already-stretching seams of the hot dog? Do you see where there might be more hot dog than bun? Do you have that one friend that is always in the relationship where they are always "trying an open relationship” which usually means that someone is getting, well, not as much of the hot dog and/or the bun as perhaps they deserve? We can’t help but feel like this is that — despite the posi spin, Billy Penn; the way you try is beautiful — and that someone will be heartbroken here, and it probably won’t be Yannick. As both stories note, this is a process that is now set to play out over the next decade, just like how your friend in the open relationship’s is. But whatevs, Yannik, Met and PhilOrch: Prove us wrong! Be the hot dog and the bun(s) that you want to see in the world! Be the exception that makes the rule! (PhilOrch, if you need anything, even if it’s just ice cream, call us.)

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