WATCH: Lost Video/What's Happening Tribute From 90s West Chester Punx Super Hi Five

There may not have been a place in the world during the 1990s that was more 1990s than West Chester, PA. There's evidence of this in our culture both local and at large, whether you're talking producer/WC alum Brian McTear's ongoing 1990s vibe, or in the way that, holy shit, Bam Margera still appears in our public consciousness. In any case, Super Hi Five (containing Arik Victor of Creep Records and fuck yeah I just linked to an Angelfire site!) were typical of 1990s-era West Chester hardcore and also everything else back then — in a gloriously laid-back, DGAF way. In this recently unearthed clip, check out the band paying homage to the opening credits of What's Happening, and really just repping so hard for a simpler time.