September 19, 2014

This Weekend: The Fall Festival Frenzy, Plus The Usual Shows And Screenings


>>> The Outbeat Festival, America’s first Queer jazz festival, will be in Philly celebrating the much under-discussed queer tradition in jazz.

>>> If it’s really your bag, you can go see Lily Allen at Electric Factory.

>>> Go see Giuseppe Makes A Movie at PhilaMOCA, for which we’ve provided a trailer above that probably tells you very little about it, if you need to check out some experimental film that has nothing to do with David Lynch.


>>> All of Philly’s biggest authors will be at the Authors Brunch at Pretzel Park in Manayunk, probably discussing Philalalia.

>>> The Clark Park Music Festival featuring Katie Frank & The Pheromones / Mo Lowda & The Humble / Heat Thunder, & more will celebrate the Fall equinox by partying like it’s still summer.

>>> The PHS Fall Festival at the Navy Yard will aspire to do the same.

>>> Of all of the festivals you can hit this weekend, the Brauhaus Schmitz’ 6th Annual Oktoberfest Street Festival will have the most and the best beer.

>>> The Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Festival in Philadelphia includes two days of music-infused race courses with an inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll 5k on Saturday, Sept. 20 and the historic Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon on Sunday, Sept. 21.

>>> Birds of Maya / Axis:Sova (Chicago) / Apache Dropout (Indiana) @ Everybody Hits [THAT'S A ROCK SHOW AT BATTING CAGES!]

>>> We shouldn’t really have to tell you why you should go see Paolo Nutini at The Trocadero.

>>> The Color Of Noise, a film about the artist Haze XXL and his notorious record label, Amphetamine Reptile Records, will screen at Underground Arts, to be followed by a Q&A and accompanied by an exhibition of Haze’s fine art linocuts.


>>> The picture says it all:


Click above or visit to see the list!

>>> See Tweedy at the Merriam Theater if you’ve always wanted Jeff Tweedy to drop his world class backing band and go on tour with his son like Ornette Coleman.

>>> KRS-One, MC Shan, Das EFX, and J-Fletch at The Trocadero should offer a rare but priceless dispatch from a bygone era of hip hop.

>>> Hit up the 3rd Annual LOCALS+ONLY Sunset Cruise on the Benjamin Franklin Yacht if you are long overdue for that DATE NIGHT.

>>> The Fantastic Imagination, Myrrias, So Cow and Shark? will be at Silk City at 8. So Cow came all the way from Ireland, and they’re only asking you for 7 dollars. Throw the boys a bone.

Film Sweat: Bertolucci At The Bourse

RECOMMENDED: Bernardo Bertolucci’s 1970 masterpiece The Conformist is back in theaters, in Philadelphia at The Ritz At the Bourse, for a limited time, and we have no choice but to pick it because to pit it against the other movies out this weekend (with the notable exceptions of the documentaries) is a pretty classic gun-to-knife-fight scenario.

ALSO NEW IN THEATERS THIS WEEK: This Is Where I Leave You, the ensemble comedy that will probably go the way of most ensemble comedies, The Maze Runner, this week’s obligatory YA sci-fi adaptation, A Walk among the Tombstones, in which Liam Neeson chases down yet another kidnapped wife, Tusk, Kevin Smith’s latest attempt to escape the legacy of Clerks, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, the new romance of parallel perspectives that has nothing to do with The Beatles, My Old Lady, a light romantic comedy that should be an easy paycheck for Kevin Kline and Maggie Smith, The Green Prince, which is probably the most important movie on this list, and Last Days In Vietnam, the likely runner up for the most important movie on this list.

For more recommendations on films currently in theaters, visit Philebrity’s Film Sweat archive. And click here for movie times. Need repertory film? Try Cinedelphia.


Our Final Five FringeArts Festival Picks


>>> Lovertits: Annie Wilson‘s “burlesque-postmodern-dance-theater-bad-improv performance” has been topping lists since FringeArts first announced their lineup. An exploration of the female body and perceptions of the female body that promises to be illuminating, exciting and a little disquieting, Lovertits will at the very least be among the more memorable of this year’s events.

>>> Fando Y Lis by Fernando Arrabal, a new translation by Emily Schuman: Emily Schuman is a young theatre artist, but she knows her stuff, and this production of an absurdist classic will surely infuse it with contemporary flair without sacrificing any of the power of the original work.

>>> Living In Exile: A Retelling of The Iliad by the Philadelphia Experimental Theatre Ensemble: Accompanied by live music and servings of bread and wine for the audience, this production has the potential to meet its Greek ambitions. It’ll either turn out to be Fellini’s Satyricon or Disney’s Hercules.

>>> (re)Visions, New and Revised Works from Other Case Notes Ensemble: These selected works from a relatively young ensemble are supposedly about the following: 1. Three Sisters and the Virgin Mary. 2. Feelings may be stored in overhead compartment. 3. If the shoe fits. And more. Cryptic was the right way to go for this lesser-known group. We’re intrigued.

>>> Johnny Showcase & The Mystic Ticket: Johnny’s a little crass, and his videos and costumes are pretty low-budget and goofy, but there’s no denying those pipes. This is blue-eyed soul at its best, which you can really only say about Johnny Showcase and Boz Scaggs, so you know this show will be a unique opportunity.

Skipping Jury Duty Is Easy If You’re Willing To Go To Juror Scofflaw Court And Act Like A Weirdo

Juror scofflaw court is apparently doing the opposite of what it was designed to do, which doesn’t actually surprise us. If someone is unwilling to show up to court for jury duty, that someone is probably not going to be any more willing to show up to the court where they’ll be sentenced a fine and more jury duty because they didn’t go to jury duty. But juror scofflaw court survives, because although it’s understandable that people don’t want to go to jury duty, according to Jury Commissioner Daniel Rendine, “It’s just not fair to their fellow citizens.” So now the same people who have to go to juror scofflaw court because they skipped jury duty go to juror scofflaw court to get out of jury duty, claiming snow, drug addiction, and improper usage of capital letters as excuses. We can all learn a little more about human nature by pondering the irony that people will put more effort into getting out of jury duty than it would take them to go to jury duty in the first place.


The Franklin Institute’s New Body Worlds Exhibit Looks Like It Was Curated By Rob Zombie

Body Worlds at The Franklin Institute was disturbing enough when it was an exhibition of human bodies. Now, Body Worlds is returning October 4th for the hair-raising sequel Body Worlds: Animal Inside Out. Comparing this exhibit’s title to the title of a horror movie would strike us as too easy a joke to bother with if it didn’t sound just so much like the title of a horror movie. We can understand that The Franklin Institute would want to make clear to prospective visitors that they’re not premiering the new Damien Hirst show, but it looks like their marketing is only making matters worse. Even though they’re obviously trying to smile, the kids in the trailer above seem truly terrified.

The Philadelphia Orchestra To Premiere “Ode To Humanity” At The UN

The Philadelphia Orchestra will be heading to the UN on monday to perform before the 69th session of the UN General Assembly. Specially invited by the Global Sustainable Development Foundation, the PhilOrch will be performing the US premiere of Wang Ning’s “Ode To Humanity”. You can catch a live stream of the 7:15 PM performance here. Also, check the video above of the PhilOrch performing on a plane.

Mayor Nutter Is Probably Just Using His VIP Hotline To Order Takeout

about_seamless_delivery-1City Commissioner Alan Butkovitz forced Mayor Michael Nutter into the limelight this week with his claims that the Mayor’s office is running a 24-hour “VIP” hotline for its well-connected friends. Butkovitz decried Nutter for privileging this hotline with twice as much operating time as the 311 hotline open to all in need of city services, and for paying exorbitant amounts in overtime salaries to the six operators of the “VIP” line. What do we think? We think Butkovitz has been named as a possible mayoral hopeful, and that his discovery of this hotline during a routine audit — and the mayor’s office’s nonchalant transparency about it — suggest that it is not the big deal, or the big secret, he’s suggesting it is. We also would not be surprised at all if Nutter had a secret all-night hotline manned by six operators. We also would not be surprised if he was paying his phone operators overtime to call in orders via Grubhub and Philly Seamless.

September 18, 2014



This Evening At The Fringe Festival: It Was All Downhill After Fleetwood Mac


Performance artist Brian Shapiro‘s tale of fame and success gone wrong at the far edges of indulgence is an easy sell for the suckers over at Philebrity who can’t drink enough through the first side of Rumours to keep from crying by the end of the second side. And we were into it before it experienced a revival for the ages after that one dumb Glee cover. To see the straight but never simple beauty of Fleetwood Mac’s most celebrated record given the Fringe treatment would probably push all of our buttons. It Was All Down Hill After Fleetwood Mac is tonight at 8:00 at Paris Wine Bar.

This Evening: Fathers And Sons Of Punk

>>> More and more these days, intergenerational collaboration is the fuel keeping the spirit of punk alive (albeit only in the limited way that the spirit of punk can still be kept alive at all). See our post about Shonen Knife and Amanda X for more. This phenomenon becomes only more phenomenal when the generations collaborating are 2 and 3 generations apart, as in the case of tonight’s Stiff Little Fingers and So So Glos show at Underground Arts. Listening to the Stiffs again with the required decades of hindsight, their influence on a millennial punk band as representative as the So So Glos is clear. Years will pass and times will change, but at the end of the day the same three chords will always send the same message.

>>> Elsewhere: Back by popular demand after not very long at all, the Baltimore Ave. Dollar Stroll is happening tonight, offering $1 pours of local craft beers and bites of local cuisine, as well as all kinds of other exclusive deals.

Even Though Pot Should Be Legal Soon In Philly, Philly Is Unfortunately Still In Pennsylvania

The bill to decriminalize possession of marijuana in Philadelphia passed the City Council today, which means it’s on its way to Mayor Nutter‘s desk to be signed into policy, and considering the compromise Councilman Jim Kenney and Mayor Nutter were finally able to make after months of fighting, we should be done with this thing soon enough. However, what is only coming into the public conversation now is the fact that the law will not override state law, which still punishes possession of marijuana with a $500 fine and jail time. The choice to honor the city law over the state law falls to the Philadelphia Police Department, who are expected to cooperate with the new ordinance. Kenney is telling us that Commissioner Ramsey told him that he’s committed to implementing this new policy by Oct. 20th. Everything looks good, but it would look a little bit better if we could, for once, just get a great big “Yes!” without any asterisks hovering around it when we ask if it’s officially okay to get high whenever, wherever. Whatever. Just keep keeping hope alive.

Captain Freeshit: We Went Down To The Well And Found Ten Tickets To See Hard Working Americans


Tomorrow at the Theatre of Living Arts, Hard Working Americans will be bringing some hard-working American rock’n'roll, and we’re giving out five pairs of tickets. To enter to win tickets, email ihopeiwin[at]philebrity[dot]com with “I WISH I WAS STILL AT BURNING MAN” in the subject header. You’ll automatically be subscribed to the forthcoming new Philebrity Reader weekly newsletter and win chances for other exclusive free stuff.

Watch Mo’Ne Davis And Steve Harvey Dance Awkwardly But Happily Together

Since she returned from the World Series of Little League, Mo’Ne Davis‘ life has been a nonstop parade of interviews, TV spots and… parades. We’re sorry she had to go to Chicago and eat deep-dish, but we’re glad Steve Harvey is getting the badly-needed publicity bump an appearance from Mo’Ne Davis must guarantee at this point.

This Old City Has A Better Mayoral Platform Than Any Mayoral Candidate

The folks at This Old City who make it their business to keep issues of public space and planning at the front of our minds have been hard at work recently, and now they’re ready for the next mayoral election — probably more ready than any of the announced or yet-to-be-announced candidates for mayor. Founder Geoff Kees Thompson wrote up a proposal last month that, in tones that range from exacting to utopian, outlines This Old City’s proposed policy changes for the next mayoral term. There are some great, if far-fetched, ideas in here, like free SEPTA memberships for local college students and staff. There are also a couple of head-scratchers. Apparently the inspiration for a unified city branding campaign should come from an early 20th century design for the Maryland state flag. Hey, Kees is the expert, not us. Start taking notes, mayoral hopefuls.

Benjamin Franklin Bridge Apparently Voting YES Today For Scottish Independence

Though it’s a fact that the BFB is actually Polish, we like its moxie. That’ll come in handy when there is finally a VOTE YES for Philadelphia to secede the United States, which it psychologically did quite some time ago.

You Think You Can Talk Shit About Yeungling? Only We Can Talk Shit About Yeungling!

YuenglingWinnerBeer Will Gordon at The Concourse’s Drunkspin Daily saw a chance yesterday to lodge a complaint that to every Philadelphian is both infuriating and obvious: a complaint that Yuengling sucks. We wish we had the chops to approximate Gordon’s pomposity, but we’re just going to have to let him speak for himself:

The difference between the aforementioned comfort brews and Pennsylvania’s liquid scourge is that Yuenglingistas actually think their beer is objectively good. They are mistaken. This would be a harmless bit of shortsighted homerism if it weren’t for Yuengling’s determination to infect the rest of our mouths, too. The brewery’s expansionist agenda and army of tongue-dead zombies makes Yuengling Traditional Lager dangerous.

Anyone who’s been around town longer than two weeks is tired of Yeungling being the only equivalently priced alternative to PBR, but to go to such lengths to decry it as some kind of travesty is plain nuts, if you ask us. Especially if you’re from Massachusetts. Every city has their shitty local beer, and ours is Yeungling, and Gordon and the rest of you would do best to show it the same courtesy you show our annoying little brother: we can make fun of it, but you can’t.

Updates On What We Will Continue To Call The Center City Hate Crime

Councilman Jim Kenney has contacted the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania to request that federal hate crime charges be brought against the assailants responsible for last week’s Center City gay bashing. As we reported yesterday between our bouts of animal rage, only crimes against religious, ethnic or racial groups can be designated as hate crimes in Pennsylvania. There are no such protections for LGBT people. Kenney calling in the feds is, hopefully, just the first evidence we’re seeing that this story can become a matter of national concern, not just in the media, but in the courts and before the government. There is already talk on social media of public protest, and a friend of the victims has created a petition on to update the legislation.

Meanwhile, a contract assistant basketball coach for Archbishop Wood High School has just been publicly outed as a person of interest in connection with the attack, confirming early claims that the attackers were former students of the school. The coach has left the school and you can read Archbishop Charles J. Chaput’s comments on the incident in the tweet above. Others are in custody, but have not yet been identified. The case seems to be developing quickly, so stay with us as we continue to cover it.

Watch CBS-3′s Evening Magazine Let A Guy Who Looks Like Carl Sagan Patronize The Grateful Dead 35 Years Ago

Thanks are due to WXPN’s The Key for dredging up this 1979 feature and interview with The Grateful Dead on Evening Magazine, an old CBS-3 news show, on the occasion of the Dead’s performance at The Spectrum. Whoever the gray-helmeted dweeb in this video is, he seems to be unaware not only that The Grateful Dead had been a worldwide phenomenon for over a decade by the time of this interview, but that their music and their cultural influence were directly responsible for his unfortunate hairstyle. Everything that was right and wrong with news, The Grateful Dead, and American Culture by 1979 is prominently on display here, and Jerry is spot-on when he diagnoses the entire problem with, and identity of, the 70s, as “people scratching their heads about the sixties.”

September 17, 2014

The Hate Crime We Insist Is A Hate Crime Likely Won’t Be Ruled A Hate Crime

When the story about the gay bashing in Center City last Thursday night broke yesterday, we jumped at the opportunity to call it a hate crime even when no one else would. Now the media has embraced the term, only to find that in Pennsylvania it doesn’t pertain to this kind of crime. Let’s parse this out: in Pennsylvania, to commit an act of violence against a person because they identify with a certain sexual orientation does not accord with the definition of a crime of “intolerance and bigotry, intended to hurt and intimidate someone because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious, sexual orientation, or disability.” This is baffling, but according to Randy LoBasso’s writeup over at PhillyNow, thanks to a 2008 Supreme Court decision made because of a technicality, there are no protections for LGBT people in Pennsylvania against hate crimes.

Hate crime rulings are not as easy to come by as situations that unambiguously call for them. To rule a crime as a hate crime is to level an accusation against the perpetrator’s belief rather than just their action, which stimulates more controversy than peace. Given the controversy this case is already stimulating, surrounding the identities of the parties responsible as well as the nature of their actions, legal professionals might not be interested in stirring the pot, but is that enough reason to let our city’s minorities live without any hope of such protections? No. Not at all.

Still, what must come before all of this is the successful arrest of the attackers, and since the photo of the dinner party at La Viola has now suddenly disappeared from numerous pages (it’s still out there, trust us) you might want to take another look at this surveillance video to see if you have any evidence that can’t be questioned in court: