The Way We Were: One Minute Of The Spice Channel, Scrambled Of Course

You know you are in a certain corner of where your most distant thoughts and the Internet meet when you go on YouTube and type in "Spice Channel scrambled." Because you just wanted to see it. You just wanted to make sure that it was there. That it was, and we use the term flexibily, real. Because long before the Internet brought all the porn man could ever dream of and before Google made Deep Dream for whatever reasons Deep Dream was made for, there was this: A digital psychedelia of most-likely doomed humans copulating in front of the VHS cameras of 1990s Los Angeles. All of this to say, should you find yourself wondering: Yes. It's still there. It wasn't a dream. And someone you know probably beat off to this. How, you ask? Well, that's the thing: We still don't know.