WATCH: You're Not Gonna Get These 8 Minutes Back, But The Dream Of The 90s Is Alive In NoLibs

The above is a quick short from written and directed by Abigail Lalonde, and look: While it's 2016 and we can no longer in good conscience endorse the unwoke white maleness of the High Fildelity era that this seems to evoke, there is still something endearingly lax and thus deeply endearing about the pacing and setting of "My Name Is." Also, the way Creep Records and The 700 and the streets of Philly show up on this provides enough trainspotting (hey! a 90s reference!) to take you back to a time when your buddies would make things like this on VHS. This little film, if nothing else, is dying to be on VHS.


Note: An earlier version of the post incorrectly identified the film's director. We regret the error.