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Tigerbeats: Still Exists! (Philebrity Too!)

  • Tigerbeats 951 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA, 19125 United States (map)

What would you say if I told you that, in this day and age, there’s still such a thing as a DJ party that boasts “indie dance jams” as well as a party photographer in all of their respective early-aughts glory? It’s true: Tigerbeats still exists. Holy shit, The Barbary still exists. (Related: Philebrity still exists!) How?, you want to ask, knowing full well the answer: None of this shit was ever very much about the examined life, and perhaps that’s as it should be. So maybe be easy, babies, on this summer Monday night, and rest easy knowing that there’s still a place in the world where grown men are still okay with having the vowels removed from their names and there’s a person called “Influence” who’d like to take your picture while holding a can of intentionally downmarket beer. We may be through the past, but the past is not through with us.

More info/Facebook invite here.