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Lose Your Shit In Public At Any One Of These Debate Parties Tonight

  • Various Locations Philadelphia, PA USA (map)

I, for one, cannot imagine being in public during the first Clinton/Trump debate, as I strongly suspect I may cry, hurl expletives, get way too drunk beforehand as a way of coping with who knows what may occur, soil myself, destroy things, and possibly expire. 

But that's just me. You may prefer to do these things with others, away from your home and valuables. In the end, that may be the smarter decision. So here's a bunch of watch parties. Stay strong, friends.

· Politics PA/Ceisler Media watch party at Ladder 15 

· Philadelphia 3.0's Debate Watch Party at American Pub

· University City Debate Watch Party 

· Hillary for America & Drexel Dems present: Debate Watch Party at Wahoo's Tacos

· Presidential Debate Watch Party at Isla Verde

· Philly LEAD Debate Watch Party at Half Time Good Times  

· NBC10 Debate Night at Xfinity Live  

· Debate Watch Party at Bonner;s Irish Pub 

· Temple University Debate Watch Party 

· WPHT Big Talker Dickbag Debate Party For Dickbags At Chickie's & Pete's (For Dickbags)  Oh God it's already happening. Have fun, everybody!