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There Is A Lot Wrong With Putting A Fence Around Franklin Square

In the beginning, there were five: Rittenhouse, Washington, Franklin, Logan and Centre. These were the five public squares of Philadelphia as planned by William Penn, in his legendary vision for the “green country towne” that you and I (mostly) enjoy today. For Penn, these areas were intrinsic to a notion about city living and its attendant need to, every once in a while, sit in patch of green and imagine you’re somewhere else.

Five All-Time Classic Philly "Third Places"

Thinking about this — and it is fun to think about this — a few days ago, we tweeted a random question: What are your favorite Third Places in Philly? The response took us a little by surprise: People in Philly are all about their Third Places. They have feelings about them — and often (and this part was not surprising) those feelings and Third Place locales are tied to their neighborhoods. So much so that it gave us an idea...

[...]We've got a whole conceptual shift on our hands: WE HAVE LIBERATED OURSELVES FROM "INTERNET NEWS." 

And what that means is, we got tired of posting the same shit as everybody else (even if it did have our spin).

From here on out, we have a new rule: If this is something that someone would not conceivably want to read 10, 20 years down the line, fuck it. We're not posting it.