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One Of The New Amazon Shows Is A Cartoon About A Kid In Philly Who’s In That Cowboy Life

If you're like us, you're eyeballing Amazon's new rollout of pilots this week, done in their signature "if you like this, we will make more" style. Among the shows, though, this time out, there's one of local note: Morris & The Cow. It's notable for a few reasons:

1. It is adorable.

2. It's co-created by Philly expat/Temple alum Andreas Trolf, who's also written for Sanjay & Greg and has shown work at Space 1026.

3. It's (very subtly) set in Philly, where we actually happen to now a thing or two about that cowboy life.

The show also features voiceover work from Zoe Kravitz, Michael Peña, Thomas Lennon and more, and while who knows if the show will make the cut, they seem to be going big on "awwww":

Aspiring cowboy Morris and his best pal (and talking cow) Florence visit the rodeo to see their hero Jimmy Ray Royce. During their adventure, the duo encounters a wise goth, a down-on-his-luck bull, and a troupe of well-meaning clowns.

See what we mean? Adorable.

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