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Local Woman Pledges To Be Your Google Today At 4PM

Former Philly comedy scene staple Alison Zeidman now resides in NYC, but we're not going to hold that against her because comedic brilliance follows her everywhere. Submitted for your approval: Zeidman's Let Me Be Google project, which gets underway at 4pm today and will have her acting as your personalized search engine, will all results returned within 24 hours. Why? That's what we wanted to know, so we shot Alison a message asking about this undertaking. Here's what she had to say:

While the Internet is really, really good at serving like 98-99% of human needs, it lacks a certain personal touch. And that’s where I come in, with this artisanal service. Let Me Be Google is only hours old, and hasn’t even officially begun taking requests yet (launching at 4pm today!), but it’s already the #1 best, only personalized internet search service you can trust for the low, low price of $FreeTownUSA.

Alison also told us that if this experiment is a success she will "expand into personally replacing the entire Internet." Such ambition is to be applauded for sure, but how will she deal with the endless varieties of weird shit that people look up on a daily basis? "I really have not thought this through," she responded. You can utilize her comedic researching services either through this form or by tweeting her @LetMeBeGoogle. We wish Alison great luck, even judging by our own relatively tame search history she's going to need it.


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