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Here Are Your PA Senate Candidates, Rendered In Google Deep Dream

Here Are Your PA Senate Candidates, Rendered In Google Deep Dream

Now in its final hours, the Hillary vs Bernie PA faceoff continues to dominate the headlines as we advance towards tomorrow's primary. Understandable for sure, even if it does draw attention away from the PA senate race -- an increasingly fascinating parade of left field candidates and genuine possibility that makes us want to stop strangers on the street and point them to the Committee of Seventy so that they are informed about the location of their polling place and other pressing matters.  Thus it seemed only fitting that we run each candidate's photograph through Google's Deep Dream Generator with hopes that the resulting imagery reveals something, anything really, about the dreamlike nature of the electoral process in 2016. You tell us if this experiment was a success:

Joe Sestak (D)

Fun fact: Sometimes we refer to him as Joe Sleestak, because we never moved on from Land of the Lost.

John Fetterman

Fun Fact: He may look intimidating, but we're guessing this dude is an absolute cuddle monster.

Ed Pawlowski

Fun Fact: Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski did not play Principal Rooney in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but we have Yello's "Oh Yeah" stuck in our heads regardless.

Kathleen "Katie" McGinty

Fun Fact: Deep Dream went full-on Birdman with its rendering of McGinty. That's not cool.

Pat Toomey (R)

Fun fact: We're hard pressed to think of one when it comes to this guy.



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