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Old City Nightclubbers Know This: Even Guy Fieri Judges You

As seen in the window of Artists and Craftsman on Market Street is this computer monitor in which Smash Mouth vocalist doppelganger Guy Fieri gazes upon a neighborhood's nocturnal denizens. What is this look on his face? Sadness? Understanding? The beginning of meat sweats? These are not questions we can answer, for we are only on the peripheral of Guy's pork-infused world. But we can tell you this: Many a night a drunk patron of Sto's or Mac's has wandered across the street, caught a glimpse of Fieri's Medusa-esque stare and decided it was time to sober up, embrace the kale revolution, lose the crumbcatcher, and become an upstanding citizen. For there still is grace in his failings to be found.

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