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The Double Decker Music Series Returns For Another Year Of Soulful Tourism For Locals

Sebastian Petsu's Double Decker Music Series feels like the universe restoring cosmic balance to Philadelphia after a period of suffering in which the city's residents have had to suffer through Ride the Ducks, Big Red Pedal Tours, etc. The combination of live performance and guided tour atop an open air bus has been around since 2014, providing passengers with the opportunity to hear sets from established and rising artists while learning things about the city that allows them to look upon it with a fresh perspective. This year's lineup, kicking off on 5/22 with Jesse Sparhawk and Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste, will also include Neil Feather and Nyfolt on June 26th, OutsideOutsiders and Moor Mother on 7/31, Vessna Scheff & Koofreh Umoren and JNPR on August 28th, andEmily Bate and Kilamanzego rounding off the season on September 28th. Tickets for each event are $25, which is a small price to pay to cleanse yourself of the tourist-inflicted grit that corrodes your soul.

Excerpt, "The Arcade Hotel Guide, For The Use Of Strangers Visiting Philadelphia"

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