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Here Are A Few Delightful Things We Learned About The 2016 Spruce Street Harbor Park (Opening May 6)

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The Chickie’s & Pete’s concession is not the paltry crab-fries-only version you get everywhere else: You're actually gonna be able to get hard shell crabs on a newspaper-covered picnic table. If nothing else, this ensures, for the Daily News, at least a few more months of production, and for myself, ample reason to live.

There are plans for a "Swan Boat Race” during Beer Week. 

Likewise, the official Beer Week Beer Garden will be at SSHP.

Creed will be shown at Great Plaza on Penn’s Landing in July, eliminating my fruitless search for a bootleg DVD of it in the Italian Market. (I felt this was the best way to take in this film, but Penn’s Landing, where John Lithgow murdered Nancy Allen in Blow-Out, also seems acceptable.)

The ice skating rink will once again be the roller rink, with the addition of a “pergola” chill out zone in the center, where DJs will spin Electric Light Orchestra whenever I ask them to.

It’s gonna be a great summer! For more, visit SSHD’s website.

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