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Five Philly Tech Week Events That Ride The Fine Line Between Insufferability And... Something Else

  • Tomorrow's Philly Tech Week 2016 Kickoff Festival - Arcade @ Dilworth will be a hashtagging, Instagramming hoedown of fun, with chiptune -- apparently the only music tech enthusiasts dig --- performances from Pixel8ter and DJ Cutman, on-site 3-D printers, an "app arcade" and more social awkwardness than at a Weird Al concert. Enjoy!
  • Also happening tomorrow: CreativeMornings Philadelphia: Todd Carmichael on Risk has the La Colombe co-founder and CEO discussing his achievements both personal and professional, with an emphasis on how you've got to take chances to get anywhere in life. So why does the promo picture (featured above) make what should be an inspirational, non-annoying psuedo-TED talk look like some gentrified Footloose bullshit?
  • Is Barcade not douchebro-heavy enough for you? Then allow me to recommend Saturday's Dankey Kang Disko at Devnuts from Electric Philly, a night of still even more chiptune music -- this time provided by Chipocrite, who should be better than this -- paired with classic arcade games because remember-the-eighties OMGLOL? You guys, misspellings always equate wackiness, so this is going to be full of good times you can go home and booksmurf about! [Ed.- I don't know what you just said but NO.]
  • Do you love work so much that you want to learn more about the clever ways places make you comfortable while toiling away for them while your own dreams and desires slowly slip away until the light inside you has been forever diminised? Rad, me too! So check out An Exploration of Company Culture with Buffer on Monday night.
  • You know that episode of My So-Called Life where Cheers' Robin Colcord plays a substitute teacher who chews toothpicks and gets really annoyed by the fact that somehow "bright boy" Jordan Catalano never learned to read? Eventually, Angela Chase realizes that the sub she so idealized was little more than a fraud, and she recites an autobiographical poem about an innocent girl who realized she was living in a dream world dominated by shades of gray and subsequently "woke up." The Woke Techie  is a real event on May 3rd and "will highlight extraordinary people who are using their hacking, programming and designing skills to create social and economic growth in their communities." And somewhere, Brian Krakow is riding his bike in circles musing about the possibilities that exist within us all.

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