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In Praise Of The Simplicity Of Double Knot’s $7 Noodle Bowl

If you dislike millennials, upspeak/vocal fry or bustle, you will want to avoid Michael Schulson’s newish Double Knot in the noontime weekday hour. But if you can hold out on your lunch hour until after the emoji flood, as it were, something simple, cheap and amazing awaits you — their $7 noodle bowl. Part of a simple lunch menu in the upstairs coffee bar (downstairs is very fancy and very great Japanese robata grill), the noodle bowl can have other things in it, but you want the tofu. It’s crispy yet soft and warm inside, and it goes with the traditional mix of rice noodles, carrots, cilantro and nước chấm perfectly. Some may argue that this $7 bowl only has about $3 worth of food in it; still others may be caught in some kind of feedback drone about “authenticity.” To all of you, I say: Would you rather be eating at the Walnut Street Wendy’s?

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