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#Lemonade's Alright, I Guess, But Can We Talk About #LEMONANA?

#Lemonade's Alright, I Guess, But Can We Talk About #LEMONANA?

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All through The Great Lemonade Think Piece Storm Of 2016, we had to deal with a private mental tick: Whenever someone was blathering on about Bey, we couldn't help but turn our thoughts to a more uncontroversial (and frankly more satisfying) lemon-flavored work of art: The Lemonanas — in both liquid alcoholic and non-alcoholic frozen form — made by Michael Solomonov (at Zahav and Dizengoff, respectively). The frozen variety is an object of passion not just for the lunchtime line at Dizengoff, but for Solomonov himself.

"The first time I ever had a frozen lemonade was one summer in downtown Jerusalem, inside a corner cafe that serves coffee and frozen lemonana," he told us. "The lemonanas are blended to order. It was a combination of their lime green color from the amount of mint, and the freshly squeezed, acidic kick from the lemons and their sugar – that made it the perfect lemonade and just something else entirely. At Dizengoff, our 'booyakasha' moment with our lemonana comes when we use fresh lemon verbena or fresh lemon thyme, depending on what's best for the season."

Both drinks offer a palate-cleansing tart flavor that is light and summery thanks to that fresh lemon verbena syrup base, but from there, they depart. The boozy Lemonana is buoyed by a healthy shot of bourbon (there's a recipe for this one in the Zahav cookbook, which you should own for this and many other reasons), and the frozen Lemonana is kind of like the adult Slurpee you never knew you needed. Sometimes, we hear, there's even bourbon in the frozen ones. We think we may be ready for this. Life, you see, has given us lemons. It's the least we can do.

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