WATCH: "Diction," The Haunting New Video & Song From Hoots & Hellmouth

Hoots & Hellmouth have come a long way indeed from the blues holler stompin' days of their earliest local gigs. For their newest LP in a minute, In The Trees, the band holed up at Mt. Slippery, the studio home of Dr. Dog in deepest Delco (Clifton Heights, to be exact). If "Diction," the haunting lead off track (with slightly eerie video), is anything to go by, they've transcended their environment by absorbing them altogether: Delco being, as we know, is the heart of strange suburban Philly evil (see: Midgetville, for starters) and Dr. Dog's late period studio sorcery is also present. In the trees is out on October 28th, with the band on tour throughout the fall and playing Ardmore Music Hall in December.