Breaking: Local Man Apparently Has Issues With Midtown III Diner AND Obama

MidTown III Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge

Sounds like there was a bit of excitement around what has been called the last-standing midtown diner today. (Hey PhillyMag: Don't count Little Pete's out just yet.) From the White House local pool (the Inky's Jonathan Tamari reporting):

A Philly PD officer defused a minor situation as reporters moved back into the motorcade. A man in ragged clothing approached the waiting press vans from down a narrow street, shouting incoherently. A Philly police officer and then Secret Service agent told him he had to turn around and go back the other way.
The man argued for awhile, And a woman then came outside from the nearby Midtown III restaurant and cocktail lounge to complain about his behavior in the restaurant. After a few moments of arguing with the officer, the man eventually turned and walked away, where he had been directed.
POTUS was nowhere in sight at the time.

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