Listen: Billy Paul Deep Cuts

As you may have read, Philly soul legend Billy Paul has left us. To many, Paul was known primarily for his blockbuster TSOP smash, "Me & Mrs. Jones," which was about as definitive a Gamble & Huff tune as there ever was. But that only tells a part of the story, as Paul was a singer who stood at a handful of musical crossroads. He stood tall from a very 1970s Philadelphia POV of progressive black consciousness — he fearlessly followed up his biggest hit with "Am I Black Enough For You" and arguably paid for it with the rest of his career. Meanwhile, a lot of his deep cuts still trade as currency between DJs and crate diggers today, as evidenced by a quick perusal of Soundcloud, where Billy Paul edits, remixes and samples pop up all over. And finally, he was also a master interpreter of popular song. As you can hear above, Billy Paul could even make Wings funky. Billy Paul: Now wasn't that a man. Wasn't that a Philadelphia man.

May you rest in power, Billy, always. You had a thing going on.