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Endless Boogie: Let The Vibe-r Beware

  • Johnny Brenda's 1201 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA, 19125 United States (map)

Some bands offer whole worlds to you: The Grateful Dead at one end of the spectrum, Throbbing Gristle at another. Here’s Endless Boogie, splittin’ the difference and still keeping it such that the dice still spell “FREAK.” Over the course of five albums, no American band has offered a clearer version of a certain kind of record nerd and what he has to offer this society: this wangled, tangled, loner disc jockey for one, who’s been to the edge of the world to score deepest New Zealand noise only to travel all the way back, pop open a beer, plug in and wind up sounding like, well, a lot like ZZ Top, actually.

But it’s like they always say: The journey is the destination, and on the new Vibe Killer LP, the Boogie lay it all out for you in the title track, which is oddly succinct for a song that clocks in at almost nine minutes:

I am your vibe killer
You’re done
This will end
It is over
Vibe killer

And yet, it’s fun. Somewhere along the line, there’s even a reprise of the desperate piano from “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” and that’s fun(ny), too, because like the best record nerds, Endless Boogie aren’t so wrapped up in their own thing that they’re not also secret evangelists. They might pose as your Vibe Killer, but they really wanna turn you on. I mean, they’re called Endless Boogie: How could they not?


With Writhing Squares and Fully Glazed. Tickets available here.

Prior to the show, Endless Boogie’s Paul Major reads from his new book Feel The Music at Philadelphia Record Exchange. More info/Facebook invite here.