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Molestice: Aspirationally, The Longest Block Party Of The Year

  • 100 North Mole Street Philadelphia, PA, 19102 United States (map)

For a few years now, the folks at Mole Street — a little marketing agency with a lot of hustle — have been throwing a block party on the street from which they take their name. Usually happening on or around the summer solstice, it’s dubbed Molestice, and it has a perfect formula — good old Philly block party with just the right amount of wattage boost to make it super-special. Think of what a block party would be like if that block just happened to have access to a handful of killer bands, a beer sponsor and a vision that one day, that block party would span the city. See, the Mole Street guys have a dream: seeing the Mole Street (the street) appears intermittently across a wide swath of the city, north to south, Mole Street (the agency), would like Molestice evolve to the point where it actually crosses the city. That would be pretty sweet. In the meantime, this year they’ve got the 100 N. block of Mole, as well as Low Cut Connie, Hank & Cupcakes, Killiam Shakespeare, Brian LaPann, Electric Kif, Lohai and Jennifer Logue. That’s a helluva better than a moon bounce and a boombox. 

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