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Digable Planets Reveal: Comb Not Yet Completely Blown Out

  • Electric Factory 421 North 7th Street Philadelphia, PA, 19123 United States (map)

The Digable Planets have a discography that clocks in at just two LPs — released in a one-two punch, in 1993 and 1994 — but their influence, pretty much from that moment on, has eclipsed a lot of other artists with carbon footprints ten times theirs. This is especially true in Philadelphia, where from the start, they found both an emphatic audience and an artistic connection — via one King Britt — that persists to this day. The Digables, of course, were one of a small but beautiful wave of hip-hop artists who, by channeling jazz, brought a subtlety to sampling and the trappings of the literary to their lyrics. Either because of this or in spite of this, they were also fucking cool as cucumbers. And the richochets of their vibe, that pose, were voluminous, especially here in Philly: The Roots were a kind of response. So was the Black Lily scene/movement, in a way. But nothing’s better than the real thing, which is why their current spate of reunion gigs, like this one, feels truly special. 

With Pharaoh Monch and Smoke DZA. Tickets available here.