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1, 2, 3, 4, Ortlieb's Declares Wednesday Nite Sludge Rock WAR!

  • Ortlieb's 847 North 3rd Street Philadelphia, PA, 19123 United States (map)
Touch them they're sick: Hound.

Touch them they're sick: Hound.

Hound is that Philly band that has kinda channeled the best parts of Black Sabbath and 5 Hour Energy Drink and made a buncha songs out of that.

Magic Deal is kinda like Blue Oyster Cult if they were recording on K Records in the Pacific Northwest circa 1990, except they’ve got deep Philly crud under their fingernails.

Baked hails from Brooklyn and you gotta wonder how they can afford Brooklyn rents and still sound so much like bongwater (not the band Bongwater, the actual thing).

Hootsie is the nom du rock for Jeff Yerger who’s got a secret Rain Parade/Dream Syndicate thing down cold.

And when they all get together, it’s gonna be a real cool time!

More info/Facebook invite here