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Saturday Afternoon, Gather In The Italian Market To Make America(n Music) Great Again

  • Connie's Ric Rac 1132 South 9th Street Philadelphia, PA, 19147 United States (map)

Earlier this summer, Connie's Ric Rac — the Italian Market's only music and comedy dive bar extraordinaire — celebrated 10 years and we (and plenty of others) wished them well. As befitting the anniversary, the Ric Rac is now host to traditions of its own, and one of the more standout events among those is the Philadelphia Country Music Festival, hosted by The Wallace Brothers and now in its second year. Country has been percolating in Philly's indie scene for a couple of decades now, and for this indoor/outdoor, day-long street fest, the Wallaces have done their due diligence of taking the temperature of what's going on right now. As of press time, the lineup looks like this:

Indoor Stage-
12:30-1:40- John Train (solo)
2:00-2:50- No Good Sister
3:10-4:00- Hurricane Hoss
4:20-5:10- White Cheddar Boys
5:30-6:20- The Punkabilly's
6:40-7:30- Mason Porter
7:50-8:40- Hannah Taylor and the Rekardo Lee Trio
9:00-9:50- Keystone Breakers
10:10-11:00- Jet Weston and his Atomic Ranch Hands
11:20-12:10- The Wallace Brothers Band
12:30-1:20- Minka

Outdoor Stage-
1:00-1:50- Ladybird
2:10-3:00- Caroline Reese (solo)
3:20-4:10- Moot Davis
4:30-5:20- Grady Hoss and the Sidewinders
5:40-6:30- Sparkle Pony
6:50-7:40- Davey Dickens Jr. and the Troubadors
8:00-8:50- Blackhorse Motel

Facebook invite (with info updates) here.