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Lo Fi, Big Heart Tonight At Fishtown Social

  • Fishtown Social 1523 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA, 19125 United States (map)

As temperatures begin a wild dip across much of the country, tonight's debut of Philly's Lo-Fi Live sessions — a stripped-down concert series in unlikely venues, put together by Lo-Fi Aperitifs — feels quite seasonally appropriate indeed. Quinn Lamont Duke, for instance, used to record and perform as Bing Ji Ling, a preposterous psychedelic soul pimp, but upon moving to the Hudson Valley last year, began making much more heart-on-sleeve type stuff under his given name. The traces of funk and soul are still there, but where Bing Jing Ling was more Funkadelic, Quinn Lamont Duke is a lot closer to the homey, breezy feel of Shuggie Otis.

Meanwhile, Paloma Gil and Louise Hayat-Camard, the French-born, Philly-residing principals  of The Dove & The Wolf, seem to have been fully born and raised in a cozy living room full of fine textiles, overgrown plants and impeccable singer-songwriter records of the 1970s. It's a good vibe, and they inhabit it totally. 

More info/Facebook invite here.