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How About Having The Big Reveal On Thanksgiving Eve Instead Of, You Know, The Day Of

  • Good Good Comedy Theatre 215 North 11th Street Philadelphia, PA, 19107 United States (map)


The light has gone out of things. The city feels like a wake. If each day weren't a new, waking nightmare, it would feel petty to focus on one day, one meal. But with every appalling appointment, every lawsuit settled, it feels like we're getting closer to the edge of the cliff.

It's important to take a step back, protect yourself, find satisfaction in good, old-fashioned, analog, blurted catharsis.

Inspired by early 90’s talk shows like Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake, and Jerry Springer, comedian Rachel Fogletto’s “comedy show of surprising confessions,” The Big Reveal at the Good Good Comedy Theater is the most primal satisfaction you can buy for $5. Watching local comedians reveal upsetting secrets to their friends and family measurably cathartic. Real-life drama playing out and resolving might take a little weight off your shoulders, help steel you against the day to come.

And unlike your family, the comedians must complete embarrassing and disgusting redemption challenges to try to win back the trust of the person they’ve sinned against. It will give you a kind of closure your family never can.

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