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Pour One Out, Won't You, For The Moat Around Fergie's Pub

Or rather, perhaps pour one in. As it has endured a kind of ongoing construction over the last year that has been so severe it kind of begs a sequel to Up, Fergie's Pub has shown a brave face through all manner of nonsense. But this most recent development is something to behold. Publican/permamayor Fergus Carey reflects on the matter:

"This is the bridge that one has to use to cross the moat to get into Fergie's Pub. I always thought that if I had a moat I would have a draw bridge and a castle. Such is life..."

Oh aye, sir. For the intrepid, Fergie's remains open. Who knows, maybe they'll even start featuring alligator on the menu. 

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Sneak Peek: Fleisher/Ollman's Bold, Cool New Geometries