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Late Night Pizza Surge Pricing Is An Idea So Bad We Can’t Believe Someone Didn’t Have It Earlier

There is a dark place at the end of the GrubHub rainbow that is fueled not by the joy of getting Dim Sum Garden brought to you in your bare feet and shorts, but by desperation and greed. It is the dark alley of on-demand bring-it-to-me-now app-ery, and we believe we are only seeing the beginning of it. Pull up GrubHub in Center City, for instance, and you may see a menu for The Pizza Place, a regular old corner pizza shop that has found a way to stand out on the app — they're only available on GrubHub from 10:30 at night until 3 in the morning, and their offerings are "surge" priced to the tune of $30 a pie. And while it's true that it's never really a good look to hate on another man's hustle, we have to interject here, if only just to... sigh. Late night pizza surge pricing, people. It has come to this.

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