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WATCH: You May/Might/Will Probably Totally Vom Riding The Joker This Summer

Today, in scenic Jackson, NJ, Six Flags Great Adventure — where, generations ago, your ancestors paid to have the leather tops of their cars ripped off by actual gorillas — is unveiling their 14th roller coaster, The Joker. The Joker is a 4D roller coaster, meaning that the part of the coaster you're strapped into can revolve independently of the track you're riding on, giving you that much more possibility for soiling yourself. Meanwhile, you may also face the other riders while all of this is going on, including some serious drops and turns and what have you. The Joker's most interesting feature, though, is how benign it looks from afar, which is a kind of design achievement on its own. That design will surely lead many this summer to get more than they bargained for, in solid, liquid, or air form.

UPDATE: From rollercoaster to LOLlercoaster:

Fiction: "Emily's World" By Erik Bader

Fiction: "Emily's World" By Erik Bader

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