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POEM: The Music Of The First Love, By Shawn Kilroy

if you listen closely enough, you can hear the music that played

when your father first loved your mother. 

it's in your bones, you are made of it.

even if the love didn't last or was wasted and squandered. 

even if they clawed and fought, and called it a day.

even if they fell into bored routine, going through the motions waiting for the end.

even if they both tuned out and turned themselves away.  


Even if they loved one another more and more every day and held hands and couldn't

wait to wake up again and stare into one another's eyes because the well nurtured love

was like a cup of coffee, percolating their souls to awaken to ever deepening union,

to be the finest people they could ever be

to elevate together and lighten the suffering of mankind.

even then, the first sounds of that love can be heard,

always playing in the background, on steady repeat,

that you might be inspired to find your own.


Shawn Kilroy is a musician/filmmaker/writer living in Philadelphia. His new album is All Pinocchio's Men.

Photo: Rachel Wescott

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