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Addendum: More Thoughts About Fake Facebook Gigs

After our reflection last week on the ever-snowballing trend of Fake Facebook Gigs In Unlikely Places, two things happened: 

 1. It was “announced" that the Gin Bloosoms were playing at the Port Richmond Applebee’s, and many (too many) people seemed to think it was real.

2. We began to notice within ourselves the accidentally beautiful gestalt of this whole thing, the wonderful slide it was beginning to produce in our reality.

Allow us to explain that last bit: Though it’s all a big joke, Fake Facebook Gigs pose a great rhetorical question: Aren’t all shows absurd? What is the difference between a fake Gin Blossoms (not) playing Port Richmond Applebee’s and 16 real bands actually playing on one night at Kung Fu Necktie? Which sounds more real to you? Which sounds like more of a good time? Are Fake Facebook Gigs accidentally-on-purpose asking us to examine what we honestly believe a good time is? (Is this also the ultimate shade thrown on/death of the dreaded Facebook event invite, the limpest yet most widespread social invitation going?) And are these questions accompanied by sidecar questions about performance and the dwindling nature of celebrity in an ever more samey-samey America? It’s a slippery slope, and we kind of love it. 

Real talk tho: That Applebee’s is kind of a wild place and we could totally see a gig like this (or an even crazier one) happening there.

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