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The Death of Mister Softee Jingle Genius Len Waas Settles Any Lingering Debate Over What The Best Summer Song Is

On April 19th, longtime Philly ad men Les Waas died at the age of 94. (He's best known around these parts for crafting the immortal Melrose Diner jingle). As unforgettable as that classic is, it is overshadowed by Waas' other big hit: the Mister Softee theme that has become synonymous with summertime. So far-reaching is the chirpy tune's impact that there was even a classic Michael Stipe-cameoing episode of The Adventures of Pete and Pete that used the autumnal disappearance of a Softee surrogate as a metaphor for vanishing innocence. To hear those dulcet tones of a Softee ice cream truck in the distance is to be filled with an unbridled fervor that can only be satiated by devouring soft serve, oblivious and uncaring to it running down your arm before inevitably dripping onto your shoes. Each year there is always debate about what the song of the summer would be, overlooking the undeniable fact that Waas stitched this one up forever long ago.

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