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Johnny Showcase's "Same Thing, Different Thing" Is A Funk-Heavy Ode To Bernie Sanders

With Bernie Sanders' political future largely dependent on what happens in today's primaries, there's a growing feeling of resignation among some of his supporters that the end to his campaign is near. They are, forgive me, feeling the Bern of political disappointment nipping at their optimistic dreams for a Sanders-filled future.  Until the votes are tallied,  the Bernie fans among you can take solace in Johnny Showcase's "Same Thing, Different Thing (For Bernie Sanders)." This toe-tapper, which is at times weirdly reminiscent of "Neutron Dance" and the funk-heavy early-'70s Sesame Street LP My Name Is Roosevelt Franklin, is right now a celebration of what Sanders' believers are trying to articulate in the grooviest way possible. Whether or not it turns out to be his swan song will become evident soon enough, so for now dance if such a mood strikes you.

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