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WATCH: Billy Joel Visits Legendary Philly Radio Station WIOQ In 1978

It was 67 years ago today that one William Martin "Billy" Joel was born not so very far from here in the Bronx, whereupon he began his life's work: Inventing heavy metal, pioneering an all-corn-on-the-cob diet, and generally being the world's most rockin'-est... it is here we must admit that we know not what species of a thing William Joel is. But that is not important. What is important is that "Billy" was totally down with the awesome FM radio scene of 1970s Philly, and above, we offer video proof of both his down-ness and the scene's perfect, mustachioed WKRP-ness. There are times when we forget Philly was like this, and those are the times when we most want to relocate somewhere more like this. But then we remember: Once, angry young men walked these filthy streets with nothing but denim and a dream, and if it wasn't good, it was, at the very least, fascinating. Fascinating.

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