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"Amateur Night At City Hall: The Story Of Frank L. Rizzo" Finally Comes To DVD on June 28th

Shot throughout 1977, filmmaker Robert Mugge's documentary Amateur Night At City Hall: The Story of Frank L. Rizzo is a candid exploration of Philly's most divisive mayor. 25 years after Rizzo's death, the mere mention of his name still draws admiration and anger among city residents due to his controversial leadership tactics, feelings that the unearthing of this project -- finally rescued from obscurity following a two-week exclusive run at the late Walnut Mall Cinemas on Penn's campus in 1978 and coming to DVD on June 28th -- will further stir up. Invaluable political insight aside, this doc features musical performances at the Triangle Tavern that play into its exploration of "politics as show business theme," further cementing its must-watch status. What the film's second life will ultimately achieve is raise more awareness about Rizzo and how his dubious influence is still felt throughout the city.

Amateur Night at City Hall: The Story of Frank L. Rizzo is released on June 28 by MVD Entertainment.

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