Marvel With Us, Won’t You, At What Could Be The Ugliest Piece Ever Displayed At The Philly Furniture Show

Algorithms have conspired against us for two weeks now to show us, at every possible opportunity, the work you see above, in relation to promoting the Philly Furniture Show, slated to open at the 23rd Street Armory this weekend. It’s been on Facebook, it’s been in our emails, it even finally showed up on Instagram last night, making us wonder, finally: What is this thing, and what did I do to deserve it?

The work in question is called "Boss, I hit a tree" by an artisan called David Lee Moneypenny; Mr. Moneypenny has used “crashed auto parts and reclaimed wood” to fashion this creation, which as you see, has a shelf of some kind and two drawers. The charitable souls at the Philly Furniture Show call it “witty, beautiful and one of a kind,” and indeed, that’s one way to put it. Another would be “a fantastical imagining of what would happen if a leftist magician saw Donald Trump at a Sonic drive-thru and shouted ‘Ala-kazam!’ with a mouth full of fries.” Even its title is a form of apology; here, we see what George W. Bush might have done in his retirement years if he’d chosen installation art instead of painting to atone for his crimes. In any case, this thing has been hounding us around the Internet day after day. We’d like to, if we could at this time, pass it along to you.