LISTEN: The Incredible Philly Indie Rock 2016 Summer Mixtape

Here is an anecdotal read on the temperature of Philly's indie scene right now: In previous summers, we've put out posts asking the local music diaspora for their designated summer jams. And while we still want those (send them to us, local bands!), this year, we were able to get what is really a fine top-down, shore-ride mixtape of locally produced fresh summer jams right off of Soundcloud, no waiting. Ain't life grand? Please enjoy this one at your BBQ, in the headphones pool- or beachside, or even just sweating it out in the bikelane or Penn Treaty Park. See you back here on Tuesday. Happy Memorial Day, Philly!

WATCH: You May/Might/Will Probably Totally Vom Riding The Joker This Summer

Today, in scenic Jackson, NJ, Six Flags Great Adventure — where, generations ago, your ancestors paid to have the leather tops of their cars ripped off by actual gorillas — is unveiling their 14th roller coaster, The Joker. The Joker is a 4D roller coaster, meaning that the part of the coaster you're strapped into can revolve independently of the track you're riding on, giving you that much more possibility for soiling yourself. Meanwhile, you may also face the other riders while all of this is going on, including some serious drops and turns and what have you. The Joker's most interesting feature, though, is how benign it looks from afar, which is a kind of design achievement on its own. That design will surely lead many this summer to get more than they bargained for, in solid, liquid, or air form.

UPDATE: From rollercoaster to LOLlercoaster:

#OpenStreetsPHL Launches Explainer Video & Crowdfunding Campaign

Begat in the wake of what was perhaps the best thing to come out of the Pope's visit to Philadelphia last fall — Philly streets free of cars and filled with oddly happy people on bike and and on foot  — #OpenStreetsPHL is coming closer with each passing week to being a real thing that happens here. The bonus is that next time, it will come without a price tag in the millions for the city like the papal visit did, but the organizers behind Open Streets will still need some money to get going. To that end, they've launched this crowdfunding campaign via Generosity along with the above video so that you can explain to your mom (or City Councilperson) just what all of this is about. The campaign's goal of $10K is a modest one, given everything that is going into this effort. If you're curious, do give a look. 

Here Are The Results From Some Very Important Polling We've Been Doing Recently

So there you have it. Many Philadelphians (sometimes as many as, say, 20!) believe that:
— most new construction is, as the Brits say, "shite";
— FOX29 is the most reliably stupid/fearmongering local news;
— and that vuvuzela is the appropriate punishment for cabs and Ubers in the bike lane.

Here at the all-new, we're not afraid to ask the difficult questions. And we are both honored and looking forward to asking you more.