And Now, Walt Whitman's Advice For People Who Sit At Desks All Day

To you, clerk, literary man, sedentary person, man of fortune, idler, the same advice. Up! The world (perhaps you now look upon it with pallid and disgusted eyes) is full of zest and beauty for you, if you approach it in the right spirit! Out in the morning! If in the city, even there you will find ample sources of amusement and interest in its myriad varieties of character and occupation—in the scenes of its awakening and adjusting itself to its daily labors—in the crowds around its ferries, and all through its main thoroughfares, and at its great depots and markets. Do not be discouraged soon. Give our advice a thorough trial—not for a few days or weeks, but for months. Early rising, early to bed, exercise, plain food, thorough and persever- ing continuance in gently-commenced training, the cultivation with resolute will of a cheerful temper, the society of friends and a certain number of hours spent every day in regular employment— these, we say, simple as they are, are enough to revolutionize life, and change it from a scene of gloom, feebleness, and irresolution, into life indeed, as becomes such a universe as this, full of all the essential means of happiness, full of well-intentioned and affectionate men and women, with the beneficent processes of nature always at work, the sun shining, the flowers blooming, the crops growing, the waters running, with all else that is wanted, only that man should be rightly toned to partake of the universal strength and joy. This he must do through reason, knowledge and exercise—in short, through training; for that is the sum of all.

Bryn Mawr Native Alex Ross Perry Directs Elizabeth Moss’ Nervous Breakdown, And Winnie The Pooh, Too!

If you are unfamiliar with the Bryn Mawr-born-and-raised director Alex Ross Perry, don’t be too, too hard on yourself. Prior to now, he was best known for the mumblecore black comedy The Color Wheel, and Listen Up, Philip, a literary comedy starring Jason Schwartzman. But that’s set to change: Ross Perry’s film fest favorite Queen of Earth, a dark suspense number with Elizabeth Moss (who also co-starred in Listen Up, Philip) and Katherine Waterston (from Inherent Vice), has just been uploaded to Netflix. (You read that right: A movie that you may want to see has been uploaded to Netflix!) Meanwhile, Perry has (oddly) been brought on to pen a screenplay for Disney’s upcoming live-action Winnie The Pooh project, and Perry has also optioned the rights for Don DeLillo’s The Names. If all of this shakes out like it probably will, Perry could make more, better movies in 24 months than fellow Main Liner M. Night Shyamalan has made in 24 years. Awkward.

Tired Of Tomorrow By Nothing Is The 2010s 1990s Album The Zeitgeist Has Been Promising You

We go back a long way with self-identifying Kenzo shoegazers Nothing, but it doesn’t change the fact that, even though we knew it was coming, we were wholly unprepared for the 1990s deep dive that is their newest LP, Tired Of Tomorrow (out May 13 on Relapse Records). This isn’t just a throwback move — it is full-on time-travelling ventriloquism. And it is deeply satisfying. A bit of a play-by-play: “Vertigo Flowers” conjures/answers “Claire Hates Me” by the Lilys; “Eaten By Worms” drinks Pennyroyal Tea with Nirvana; and “ACD (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)” takes the whole of the latter-day WDRE/Y100 playlist and speaks the most mellifluous words of its language, and maybe even adds a few new ones. From the O.J. miniseries to whatever Best Coast are wearing, we are in this strange moment where the retro clock has signed off on all things 90s. But the thing is, the genius of this new record by Nothing is that they’ve turned it into a massive leap forward for themselves musically. How exactly they did it, we may never know, but the gut says it’s something to do with love and honesty instead of kitsch and cynicism. How very un-90s of them.

Here Are A Few Delightful Things We Learned About The 2016 Spruce Street Harbor Park (Opening May 6)

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The Chickie’s & Pete’s concession is not the paltry crab-fries-only version you get everywhere else: You're actually gonna be able to get hard shell crabs on a newspaper-covered picnic table. If nothing else, this ensures, for the Daily News, at least a few more months of production, and for myself, ample reason to live.

There are plans for a "Swan Boat Race” during Beer Week. 

Likewise, the official Beer Week Beer Garden will be at SSHP.

Creed will be shown at Great Plaza on Penn’s Landing in July, eliminating my fruitless search for a bootleg DVD of it in the Italian Market. (I felt this was the best way to take in this film, but Penn’s Landing, where John Lithgow murdered Nancy Allen in Blow-Out, also seems acceptable.)

The ice skating rink will once again be the roller rink, with the addition of a “pergola” chill out zone in the center, where DJs will spin Electric Light Orchestra whenever I ask them to.

It’s gonna be a great summer! For more, visit SSHD’s website.