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Wesley Stace, In 211 Words

  • Tin Angel 20 South 2nd Street Philadelphia, PA, 19106 United States (map)

Born Wesley Stace, the man before you, as an adolescent, fell in love with prog and Bob Dylan in equal measure, but Bob won out and so he became a folk singer for the alt-rock generation who called himself John Wesley Harding. His songs were humorous and insightful and usually the smartest thing in any room they were played in. This persisted, through many record albums until Wesley Stace re-asserted himself as a fairly decorated author of fiction. In combative spirit, John Wesley Harding fought his way back out, made a bunch more records and became host of the Cabinet of Wonders series of events in NYC, where he played music and brought out a wild and ambitious array of authors and musicians and other performers, carving out a style of event that really ought to be the norm now for what you see when you go to a rock club, but it’s so cool that other people are scared to try it. Finally, Wesley Stace said, “No!,” slayed John Wesley Harding somehow, wrote more books, made records under his own name for the first time, co-wrote a bunch of brilliant songs with Eleanor Freidberger, and then drove downtown to play the Tin Angel tonight, to entertain you, specifically.

Helluva guy!

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