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Tired Of Tomorrow By Nothing Is The 2010s 1990s Album The Zeitgeist Has Been Promising You

We go back a long way with self-identifying Kenzo shoegazers Nothing, but it doesn’t change the fact that, even though we knew it was coming, we were wholly unprepared for the 1990s deep dive that is their newest LP, Tired Of Tomorrow (out May 13 on Relapse Records). This isn’t just a throwback move — it is full-on time-travelling ventriloquism. And it is deeply satisfying. A bit of a play-by-play: “Vertigo Flowers” conjures/answers “Claire Hates Me” by the Lilys; “Eaten By Worms” drinks Pennyroyal Tea with Nirvana; and “ACD (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)” takes the whole of the latter-day WDRE/Y100 playlist and speaks the most mellifluous words of its language, and maybe even adds a few new ones. From the O.J. miniseries to whatever Best Coast are wearing, we are in this strange moment where the retro clock has signed off on all things 90s. But the thing is, the genius of this new record by Nothing is that they’ve turned it into a massive leap forward for themselves musically. How exactly they did it, we may never know, but the gut says it’s something to do with love and honesty instead of kitsch and cynicism. How very un-90s of them.

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