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Portfolio: Masterworks Of French Photography At The Barnes (Hurry, It's Closing In Just A Few Days)

Though it's primarily known, obviously, for its unrivaled collection of Impressionist paintings and folk art, one of the great surprises of the Barnes Foundation, since its move to Center City, has been its exhibitions. These shows consistently expand and build on what's in the permanent collections, and the current exhibition, Live And Life Will Give You Pictures: Masterworks of French Photography, 1890-1950, is no exception. The show pulls in a truly stunning array of works that point to both photography's earliest iterations as an art, as well as contextualizing the period in which Dr. Albert Barnes was collecting. It's deeply arresting, inspiring stuff — some of which we're happy to share here via our friends at the Barnes — but if you'd like to see it all, don't delay. The show is currently in its last days, running through January 9th.

Sneak Peek: Fleisher/Ollman's Bold, Cool New Geometries

In this moment of overwhelming election season stupidity, when so much of the media we encounter every day is message-manipulated nonsense, let us refresh the senses with some blessed higher-thinking abstraction. Color stimulates the mind. An orange circle, a deep green stripe. New Geometries, opening tonight (reception 6-8 pm) at the Fleisher/Ollman, provides an aesthetic sanctuary that hits the reset button in just the right way.  The exhibit even has a little accompanying publication to take home with you.

These multimedia artworks offer “another take on contemporary artists engaging with abstraction: an abstraction that is of the world, not just of the market. The work is geometric in nature and takes its cues from Constructivism, Suprematism, and Latin American modernism—art movements that came into being in order to address the radical changes of the modern era, be they political, social, visual, or otherwise.”

Artists featured in the exhibition include Martha Clippinger, Gianna Commito, Diena Georgetti, Jeffrey Gibson, Eamon Ore-Giron, and former Space 1026-er Clare Rojas. New Geometries runs from September 15 thru November 12.

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