January 14, 2015

Dept. Of Meaningless Lists: Philly Is The Second Best City To Shop ANYWHERE

Mall Madness

In their Readers Choice Awards, Condé Nast Traveler has named Philly No. 2 on their list of the Best Shopping Cities Of The World. Well duh, clearly Philly is a great place to shop, just ask our creditors! See for yourself:

Philadelphia boasts enough museums and landmarks to keep any history buff occupied for days, but it’s now rising through the ranks as a U.S. shopping destination. Should you find yourself with a free afternoon, head straight to Reading Terminal Market in downtown Philly. You could max out your credit card just sampling the foodstuff from the hundred-plus merchants, but don’t forget about the stalls selling books, home decor, and textiles. For a more fashionable jaunt, explore the bevy of shops around North Third Street, like vintage Sugarcube and sleek furniture store Minima.

Topping the list of 24 international cities was Barcelona, which is nice and all, but there’s no way anyone can buy a plush Girard Avenue trolley there. Tastemakers, they always overlook the important human touches.

R.I.P. Jim’s Steaks Owner Abner Silver

Sad news about one of Philly’s best-loved cheesesteak barons: Jim’s Steaks owner Abner Silver has died at the age of 79 due to Alzheimer’s Disease. If you’re heading that way anytime soon, stop by Jim’s and raise a deliciously greezy steak to Abner’s honor.

Recommended Reading: In Our Own Way We Are All Paulie

PaulieWith yet another Rocky movie set to begin filming any day now, we’ve become a bit obsessed of late with the Velcro grip that these movies have upon the perceptions of that specific type of tourist who is content with distilling the Philadelphia experience to a sweatpanted jog up the Art Museum steps before detaching themselves from the city and its considerable offerings. (We are, after all, the 21st century). For the record, this is nothing new. We get stricken with this Balboa-inflicted ennui every time they make another one of these damn things. But this time it feels different. Maybe it’s the fact that Creed isn’t a traditional Rocky movie per se, but rather that we suspect the whole enterprise is just a Trojan Horse from which an entire new film franchise will emerge, bringing with it a ghastly new influx of rubes eager to spend their tourism dollars in the most basic way possible. But beyond that we fear that this flick might just cut out what is arguably the most Philadelphian aspect of all these films–Burt Young‘s curmudgeonly Paulie. While we ponder whether or not the lovable lout (who is strikingly familiar to people we actually know and regularly interact with) will somehow be shoehorned into the non-Rockycentric Creed, check out writer Evan Saathoff‘s tribute to the character over at Badass Digest that reinforces out beliefs that there’s a bit of Paulie in all of us, and perhaps even we in him.

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January 13, 2015

Readers Write: We Condone Neither Rep. Metcalfe’s Remarks OR Glitter Bombing

glitterA devoted reader who, like us, IS NOT TRYING TO SUGGEST ANYTHING AT ALL, was kind enough to successfully email us, using both the typing features as well as the copy/paste functions available on his/her computer:

Submitted without comment or suggestion, two links:



Some days, these simple motor skills feel like they are all we have in this life.

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Is Pennsylvania Finally Inching Towards Medical Cannabis Legalization For Reals?

TrailerParkBoys3The (possibly skunked) winds of change may be blowing in here in Philly, but the state of PA overall, as always, in other story. But with the impending inauguration of Tom Wolf comes a wave of speculation about whether or not Pennsylvania will finally legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes. NBC Philadelphia has your Cliff’s Notes on the ongoing debate about legalization, but much more tantalizing is this cryptic — and, it should be emphasized, completely unverifiable, message we received in the Philebs inbox claiming that plans to get this weed train a rollin’ are already well underway:

Just wanted to let you know that a medical marijuana bill will be introduced in the House very soon. (The bill will be identical to SB 1182 that didn’t get a vote last legislative session.)

The difference this time around is that we have a governor who isn’t a jackass. Tom Wolf says he will sign a medical marijuana bill. Further, the votes are there with bipartisan support! If this bill goes to a vote, it will (most likely) become law.

I have been working with Daylin Leach‘s office to figure out what we can do to make sure this gets a vote in the House. It turns out that the best course of action is also the simplest. We need as many people as possible to contact their State Reps and ask them to allow a vote on medical marijuana. This is particularly important for any of your readers who may have Republican Reps.

We are closer to a sane marijuana policy than ever before and the only thing that can stop it now is a concerted effort by the Republican Party to delay a vote. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen!

You can use this link to find your legislator:


This is a link to SB1182 (printer’s number 2324):


Thank you.

Seems …legit, right? But there may be some genuine validity to our tipster’s claim. The Sentinel is reporting that Berks County State Representative Jim Cox and Allegheny Representative Ed Gainey plan on reintroducing such a bill:

“The Senate-passed bill represented months of hearings, discussions, changes and compromises with one goal in mind: helping those with medical challenges – especially children with seizure disorders – to benefit from a medicinal strain of cannabis,” Cox said in a news release.

Gainey said he also supports more comprehensive language to be amended into the bill, but this legislation is a good starting point because it has broader support from members of both parties in both chambers.

“However, broadening this language only seeks to give more options to more patients: inclusion of more qualifying medical conditions, different strains of medical cannabis and delivery methods for treatment is the humane, compassionate thing to do,” Gainey said in a news release. “If we do this with synthetic opioids/opiates and other narcotics for treating medical conditions, why should medical cannabis be treated differently?

With Pennsylvania politics being the embodiment of that “slower than molasses in January” metaphor your grandmom used the bug the shit out of you with, this process will almost certainly take longer than anyone would like. Still, this all actually feels like a forward progression to us — albeit it in the most barely perceptible way possible.


Listen To Philly Author Andrew Ervin Interview Dearly Departed Novelist Robert Stone

Robert Stone

When literary heroes fall, there’s no quick salve to numb the pain. Fortunately, they leave behind thousands upon thousands of words that the mourning reader can immerse themselves in. And so once again we find ourselves wrapping ourselves in the warmth of stories left behind, this time as we mourn novelist Robert Stone. Once succinctly referred to by Interview magazine as the “premiere voice of American reason and delirium,” Stone was responsible for Dog Soldiers, A Flag for Sunrise, and Bay of Souls amongst many others died this past Saturday at the age of 77. To promote the release of his 2013 novel Death of the Black-Haired Girl, Stone was interviewed by fellow writer Andrew Ervin (whose upcoming novel Burning Down George Orwell’s House comes out in May) at the Free Library. Take a few minutes to listen to their conversation here, and reflect upon Stone’s contributions and the considerable legacy that he leaves behind.

Experience Temporal Madness With Jayson Musson’s New Web Series

It’s been far too long since we checked in with the next-level force of nature that is Jayson Musson (AKA Hennessy Youngman). Let’s rectify that right now with the debut of The Adventures of Jamel: The Time Traveling B-Boy, a new web series written by Musson (who also briefly appears in a cameo), directed by Scott Ross and showcasing the peerless comedy of James III. Produced by Ted Passon‘s All Ages Productions, the first episode, “Connecticut,” features a range of familiar theater faces like Tom McCarthy and Kenneth McGregor. Local flair is one thing, but what really makes this memorable is its Beserker Residents/Adult Swim vibe. (We will be laughing about the opening credits that kick off at 3:31 for the foreseeable, er, future). If only this were clogging up our social media feeds instead of everyone blabbing about how we don’t have hoverboards yet.

This Just In: Belle & Sebastian Play Tower Theater On June 9


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Hot on the heels of news about our our first-ever Belle & Sebastian Brunch at Bardot in Northern Liberties (see above) — itself a descendent of ten years of Belle and Sebastian Dance Parties — comes news of something even better: An actual Belle & Sebastian show. It’ll be at the Tower Theater on June 9th; presales start tomorrow, and regular onsale is Friday. In the meantime, check out Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance, out Tues Jan 20 on Matador Records,
here. And see you at brunch!

And Now, Today’s GOOD NEWS: Philly AIDS Thrift Celebrates Over A Million Dollars Of Donations


Over the weekend, Philly AIDS Thrift (whose sister store at Giovanni’s Room is a New Business of the Year Nominee at the Philebrity Awards) announced at Gay Bingo that their stores have now helped raise over a cool million to help Philly-area residents living with HIV/AIDS. From their Facebook page:

It’s official, we just handed a check over to the AIDS Fund onstage tonight at Gay Bingo. It puts us over the One Million Dollar mark in money donated to date. Woo Hoo!. Tonight’s check was for $24,130.00. Twenty thousand of that is the current, regular monthly amount from the main store, and the other $4,130 represents the first donation from Philly AIDSThrift@Giovanni’s Room. They just finished their first quarter in business, so we waited till then to give their debut contribution. And it’s this first donation of theirs that puts us over $1,000,000. We now stand at $1,000,001.00 (we just had to write the check so we landed on that extra dollar). Thanks Giovanni! Thanks Gay Bingo! And Thanks to our Shoppers, Staff, Donors, Volunteers and Board. That million dollars has all of your fingerprints all over it.

A huge congratulations goes out to Philly AIDS Thrift, as well as their volunteers and customers. We’ll be by later to check out your board games and vinyl.

Someone Famous Went Somewhere Once: Sam Smith Stopped By La Colombe, Because Of Course He Did


Sam Smith, the ubiquitous “Stay With Me” hitmaker (whom we’re still not entirely sure isn’t an elaborate Peter Serafinowicz character) plays the Liacouras Center tonight. As such, he currently walks amongst us all. Exciting! His first stop? La Colombe, where he was so impressed he snapped a quick pick and took to Instagram:


God, don’t you guys just really enjoy a nice cup of java too? I mean, for real! This ain’t love it’s clear to see, but dude just kinda loves his coffee. [h/t Molly Eichel]

Do you know of Someone Famous Who Went Somewhere Once in Philadelphia? We don’t care, but we’ll humor you. Send your tips and pics to tips[at]philebrity[dot]com.

Today in YO ADRIAN!: The Rocky-Psuedo Sequel Creed Is Seeking Extras

If your hoagie and Arctic Splash taste a bit sweeter this morning, it’s because extras casting for the kinda-Rocky-sequel-but-more-of-a-spinoff-deal Creed is underway. Take it away, Heery Casting:

Heery Casting is looking for Background players for the new MGM feature film, “CREED.”

“CREED” will be directed by Ryan Coogler (“Fruitvale Station”) and stars Sylvester Stallone (“Rocky”) and Michael B. Jordan (“Fruitvale Station”)
Shooting will begin January 26, 2015 through the end of March in the Philadelphia area.

We are looking for SAG- AFTRA and NON-UNION men and women, age 18-70, all ethnicities.

Please email us a picture in .jpg format and a resume in .pdf format.
Be sure to include the body of the email:
phone number (and where you are located if your phone number is not a Philadelphia local area code)
SAG-AFTRA membership number (if applicable)
height, weight and all of your sizes
If you have a car, include the make, model, year and color of the car.

Please email to : creedcasting@gmail.com

Remember: shooting goes through to the end of MARCH! Don’t worry if you haven’t heard from us right away…


Consider this a public service from us to you…although this entire post could also just be an excuse to showcase the undiluted sexual energy of the above montage.

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If Ben Franklin Were Alive Today, He’d Probably Be Annoyed By SEPTA Too


We spent a while this morning going down the rabbit hole that is the online SEPTA shop and we came away from it a little older, a lot wiser, and a dollar poorer. Why? We just had to have this coloring book that features Ben Franklin looking confused standing next to a trolley (and in front of the most phallic rendition of City Hall that we’ve ever seen). Don’t worry Ben, SEPTA confounds the best of us. Man, we wish we know about this last month. They’re would’ve been stocking stuffers for everyone. Sigh.

January 12, 2015

#PhilebrityAwards Polls Are Officially… OPEN!


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2014: Do you remember what it was like? In case you don’t: It was a goddamned mess. But even so, there were Philadelphians among us who rose above, who inspired, who hustled, who looked the world in its cold, dead eyes and said, “I don’t care what you say: I’M-A DO THIS!” Which brings us to our annual #PhilebrityAwards, that celebration of those who did, with a side order of “Eff off, those who didn’t.” (See “Excommunication,” our final category.) As we do each year, we consulted our secret panel of insiders and experts (this year being more secret than ever thanks to a BCC that was partly intentional) to come up with the nominees before you. These awards, you will note, do not really cater to the SelfieDelphia® crowd: They celebrate non-profits, small businesspeople, do-gooders, writers and artists who ordinarily go thankless and so on. They try, in their own small way, to make good people feel good. (Again, with the notable exception of “Excommunication,” which tries to make bad people feel bad.) So please vote with gusto and join us at Johnny Brenda’s on the 21st for what is always a fantastic night. May the best good people win and may the worst bad people leave this place forever!

Click here to cast your vote in the #PhilebrityAwards poll!

Did Rep. Daryl Metcalfe Just Reveal His Motives Regarding Kathleen Kane?

kaneThe acrimonious relationship between state Attorney General Kathleen Kane and Harrisburg escalated even further last week when a grand jury recommended criminal charges be filed against the beleaguered AG. But wait, there’s more! The latest development in this living, breathing shitstorm is 12th District Rep. Daryl Metcalfe‘s appearance on WPHT’s The Chris Stigall Show this morning. From CBS Local:

“There is a difference, I think, between a woman and a lady, and I would say that the AG is a woman…We watched the attorney general last year just ignore and decide not to comply with the Constitution and the duties that are prescribed for her to take care of under law. She’s required to defend the constitutionality of all legally enacted laws in the state of Pennsylvania…She’s not fulfilling those duties, and so she should be impeached.”

Metcalfe feels that Kane’s impeachment should take place independent from the outcome of the grand jury.

“The attorney general is failing the citizens of this state, and regardless of the current situation with the grand jury, the attorney general does not deserve sitting in that office. And the controversies that she’s created since being attorney general, and the way that she’s just said that she will not fulfill the duties of her office really require an action by the legislature to remove her, which is impeachment if she is not removed by her own resignation or through some other proceeding.”

Seems like some gender bias is afoot here, yes? But Metcalfe wouldn’t do that something that could be misconstrued as negative towards a certain group, would he?

Well, shit. Also worth not overlooking in the midst of all this clusterfuckery is that he grand jury investigating leaks in the AG office LEAKED ITSELF TO THE PRESS last week. Whee!

Nicki Minaj Just Encapsulated Everything That The Daily News Is In Three Emojis

It was in reference to this, but it might as well be about the paper’s entire history. Hey, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

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Join Us This Sunday For The First-Ever Belle & Sebastian Brunch!


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For over 10 years, Philebrity has had the honor of hosting the Belle and Sebastian Dance Party, a party whose very existence is admittedly just as unlikely as its longevity. But for the first time ever, in honor of the group’s new album, Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance, we’re having our first-ever Belle & Sebastian Brunch at Bardot in Northern Liberties! Join us as we check out the new album — out Tues Jan 20 on Matador Records (take a first listen here) — as well as groove to B&S classics. There’ll be Belle & Sebastian, bloody marys and brunch from the brand new, acclaimed Bardot brunch menu! And of course, if you feel moved to, you can dance. At brunch. To Belle & Sebastian. No judgements, baby. Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance.

The Week Ahead In Comedy: Games People Play

Local goofballs Elise Thompson Hohl and Dan Scully are on the lineup for
Bourbon & Branch’s new comedy/music night, debuting on Saturday.

“Close the comedy clubs, and open up brothels and bathhouses, gloryholes. This is what this country needs,” opined recently departed playwright, actor, and uninhibited comedian Taylor Negron, in the documentary The Aristocrats. With that advice in mind, here are this week’s most glorious laugh holes.

First things first: MAYHEM. Jimmy Viola and Jon Lalu mix it up in the back room of Adobe Cafe for another night of “Chaos Comedy.” Gettin’ squirrely at this rodeo: Comedians Alyssa Al-Dookhi, Carl Boccuti, Mike Alloy, Mike Logan, Vickie Fernandez, and Trevor Miles. And what a treat! This month’s show starts off with a special edition of Joe Murdock‘s “Delinquents Talk Back” pre-show. Yakkety yak to commence at 9. Wednesday at Adobe Cafe. No cover.

Thursday, double your pleasure without the aid of chewing gum, with back-to-back comedy game shows at PhilaMOCA. First, Garrett Smith and Dan Scully get their fanboy on in a Quentin Tarantino-themed edition of “MOVIE MOVIE LIVE” that promises to “address his foot thing.” Wiggling their big toes this month: Chris Wood, Jo Pincushion, and Keane Cobb. Afterwards, Alex Grubard will class up the joint, hosting another gosh darn game of “Curses! The Game Show of Swears, Obscenities, and Censorship,” featuring contestants Joey Dougherty, Libby Reindell, and James Hesky, with standup from Eddie Finn. Love the players, and love the games, starting with MOVIE MOVIE at 7:30pm, and continuing with Curses! at 9pm. Thursday at PhilaMOCA. $5.

New Year, new you, new comedy show. Saturday night (live), Michael S. Watkins and Bobby Lorello debut an evening that’s “one part comedy, one part music, with party all in-between” at Northern Liberties’ Bourbon & Branch. Who rocks the party that rocks the party? Comedians Elise Thompson Hohl, Chris O’Connor, and Dan Scully, with RONNY the Band on tune patrol. Saturday at Bourbon and Branch. 8:30pm. Tickets available online.

– Alejandro Morales

Alejandro Morales is one of the six rotating hosts of the award-winning (and later, award-losing) Laughs on Fairmount open mic, every Monday at 8pm at Urban Saloon. See his webseries at thedatesshow.com and follow him on twitter @AlleyHandRow.

Reminder: The Promise of Pier 68 Awaits


Tucked away in Visit Philly‘s listicle of the Top 15 Reasons to Visit Philadelphia This Year is a welcome reminder that Pier 68 is opening later this year. The promise of afternoons spent fishing, or thinking about fishing, or indulging our inner Otis Reddings during makeshift picnics at the summery oasis are enough to make us replace images of spinning Septa chicken bones with that of warmer, better days ahead. Oh man, we desperately want to just Doc Brown our way to those summery days right now.

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Noontime Nuggetz: BC Camplight, “Just Because I Love You”

Where the hell has BC Camplight been? Wait, who is BC Camplight, you’re asking? You know, that guy who was, back in the mid/late oughties an XPN favorite/composer of WHYY’s “Newsworks Tonight” theme music/self-described “bitter, homeless, thieving, entitled mess?” Riiiiiight, that guy. Turns out, BC — government name Brian Christinzio — has been over in the UK for a few years now, quietly putting himself back together. And it would seem the time has done him good: In a week, he’ll see the international release of How To Die In The North, his first album in seven years. “Just Because I Love You” was the first track issued with the video above, and here’s another:

No plans for a Philly BC date just yet, but we’d be surprised if dude didn’t play in town at some point this year.

Meek Mill Had A Pretty Sweet Weekend


A photo posted by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on

Hung out with new GF Nicki Somethingorother at the TLA, dropped two new tracks, found time to give Bobby Shmurda some legal advice, and released his new (quite frankly pretty awesome) line of Pumas. But honestly, we’re just happy for what has to be the greatest bar or two dude has ever uttered. Ready? Go, Meek:

It’s good to be Meek right now.