October 1, 2015

Noontime Nuggetz: Hall & Oates’ Immortal “Fall In Philadelphia”

This is likely the most on the nose Nug we’ve ever run, but damn if it just doesn’t encapsulate everything we are feeling right now. Hall & Oates are playing this tonight at The Fillmore grand opening right? That should be a contractual obligation. We’ve listened to this song countless times before but only now are we really hearing it. Oh man are we ever.

With Word Of A New Construction Project, Is All Hope To #SAVELITTLEPETES Lost?

LittlePeteWe’re hearing that original plans for a Hudson hotel project on the site of the parking structure that houses our beloved (and yours too, everybody’s really) Little Pete’s at 17th and Chancellor are now dead. But there is no room for celebrating here, as the spot will instead be the home for a new Hyatt Centric hotel, an upscale boutique branding. Which is almost certainly bad news for the cherished greasy spoon. The project already has the approval of the Center City Residents Association, and Little Pete’s as will currently know it will doubtlessly be a victim to New Philadelphia construction. Obviously we would love to see it reopen at a new location because the Scrapple-scented joie de virve of Little Pete’s can’t be destroyed by any wrecking ball. But is this a viable option to the owners? Is there even a place in Philly still for such an affordable dining institution? We’d ponder these questions over lunch, but we don’t have much of an appetite right now.

Mayor Nutter Announces His Support Of Vehicle-Free Zones In Philly

Mayor Nutter, you are filling us with such complex emotions right now. One minute you are blasting the media and the next you are absolutely charming us by endorsing vehicle-free days in Center City. You see like most of us, the mayor was smitten with the open streets of Philly during the papal visit, and his office is now working on the logistics of implementing a plan that would allow for more such spaces before he leaves office. (The #OpenStreetsPHL initiative is something that Jim Kenney also supports). We are cautiously optimistic that sometime in the not-too-distant future there will again be a part of Philly that is temporarily devoid of cars…and the lack of papal panic will be great too.

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FYI: The Fillmore Opens Tonight, Here’s A Look Around Via Periscope

FillmoreThe Fillmore, Venuedelphia’s latest concert hall that you didn’t even realize you wanted or needed but it doesn’t matter anyway because here it is, opens tonight with a performance by Hall & Oates. We completely approve of having the duo break in the place because we aren’t monsters, yet the show is way way sold out. There’s still the opportunity to explore the former home of the Ajax Metal Company prior to its official opening via the comfort of your own couch or desk. The venue’s social media team has uploaded a Periscope tour that will give you a hint of what the place is like. Our initial thoughts? That LIVE statue is pandering and cheesy, and we’re on the fence about the Betsy Ross flag/concert poster mural until we see it up close. Otherwise, it looks spacious and we love the Ajax building’s aesthetic. Congrats Philly, there’s yet another place to see live music. Well done?

BREAKING: Attorney General Kathleen Kane Charged With An Additional Perjury Count

KathleenKaneThe legal woes of Kathleen Kane continue as word is just coming in that the embattled Attorney General has just been charged by prosecutors with an additional count or perjury. From The Philadelphia Business Journal:

Newly discovered evidence shows Kathleen Kane “lied in sworn testimony before the Thirty-fifth Statewide Investigating Grand Jury when she repeatedly claimed that she was never sworn to secrecy” on Nov. 17, 2014 for another grand jury investigation, said Risa Vetri Ferman, Montco’s DA.

“Kane testified that, because she had not signed the secrecy oath, she could not be held criminally culpable for leaking Grand Jury information … to the press,” she said.

The DA said a Sept. 17 search of the Attorney General’s office uncovered the signed secrecy oath, as well as several others for all then-current investigating grand juries.

This is still breaking, so there’s no word as of yet from Kane’s camp. The news comes on the heels of claims of patronage and Tuesday’s announcement by Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas G. Saylor that although her law license is suspended she remains a member of Pennsylvania’s bar and as such still meets the requirements to be Attorney General. This story won’t be fading from the headlines anytime soon, so we’ll be covering it for the foreseeable future. (Image via Twitter)


From The Good Morning Files: Oh Hey, Here’s A Rundown Of Philly’s Richest

The Forbes 400, that annual list of America’s richest people that causes a wiffle ball of emotions to form deep within your chest, has just been released. Deciding to bring a local angle to the overview of the type of wealth few of us will ever see, the Philadelphia Business Journal presents this roundup of what Philly-related folks featured on the list. Included are Campbell Soup’s Mary Alice Dorrance Malone and Phillies shareholder John Middleton, among others. Consider the piece your monthly reminder to get out there and make the donuts today. It’s October 1st, rent’s due. Oof.

September 30, 2015

This Evening: Never Run Away

>>> Friday sees the release of V, the appropriately named fifth studio album from Wavves. In advance of this occasion, the band plays the TLA tonight with the able support of Twin Peaks and Steep Leans. That’s three, yes three, three times the Wednesday rock.

>>> Kurt Vile and The Violators play a sold-out show at Johnny Brenda’s, but you can still stand outside and take advantage of any residual vibes. Hugs are always free bae.

>>> The spacey sounds of Air Is Human comes to Kung Fu Necktie. As we told you yesterday, their new EP Equinox 2 is shaping up to be something special indeed. In other words, it’s time for some musical out of body experiences.

>>> More musical space odysseys: Twin Shadow and Lolawolf are at Union Transfer.

>>> Finally, Games, Gaming, and Play is a celebration of leisure time at Temple University’s Paley Library that will features participants like Temple University Gamers’ Guild, the Moore College of Art and Design, and Game Forge — all of whom will be on hand to discuss everything from Super Mario Bros. to Connect Four. Pretty sneaky sis.

Better Than Wasting Your Time With Fear The Walking Dead, The Zombie Prom Returns On October 24th

ZombiePromThere’s a certain subset of Philadelphia that doesn’t quite have the energy to go full Goth but still never got over the cancellation of Saturday Night Dead. These are the same people who cheered at seeing Carrie covered in pig’s blood, and the exact individuals for whom doing the Time Warp again is the ideal Saturday night excursion. We can only imagine that these folks are positively giddy right now to learn that tickets for the 2015 Zombie Prom are now available. Scheduled for the week before Halloween on October 24th at the Troc, the annual undead celebration for George Romero/Bauhaus enthusiasts (can you even imagine the response “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” will get at this?) will include performances from The Young Werewolves and Live Not on Evil, as well as sets from DJ Kiltboy, DJ Mighty Mike Saga and Philly’s undisputed “King of the Zombies” DJ Robert Drake (who also helped through this sinister shindig together). Is it goofy? Certainly. Will the legions of entrail-leaking attendees who bring their ghoulish A-game care? Absolutely not. In The Worst Witch, Tim Curry sang that anything can happen at Halloween. But a zombie prom? That’s something extra special for the season.

ICYMI: The Market Street Bridge Got A Great Makeover, Might Now Be On Tinder

The University City District with the assistance of the Center City District and the Schuylkill River Development Corporation hired Groundswell Design Group (who helped bring Spruce Street Harbor Park to life) to enhance the look of the Market Street Bridge. What was once cold and unwelcoming is now a relaxing marvel due to the addition of 120 planters, bleachers facing the Schuylkill, and a custom entrance area. You can see a timelapse video of the changes above, including some before and after shots that further illustrate the dramatic improvements of the area. Market Street Bridge, you’re a whole new you and we’re loving it.

BREAKING: City Paper Bought By Broad Street Media, Will Release Its Last Issue On October 8th


In a just-issued story from the Northeast Times, Broad Street Media has announced that it has acquired the intellectual property rights to City Paper, and the venerable alt weekly will release its last issue on October 8th. Damn. The current CP website will then merge with that of Philadelphia Weekly, another Broad Street Media property, rolling the two papers into one Brundleflyian fusion of the last gasps of traditional media. From the Times article (which itself is another paper owned by Broad Street Media):

“Sev­er­al of the part­ners of Broad Street Me­dia are also part­ners in R.P.M. Philly, which owns Philly Weekly and South Philly Re­view,” said Perry Cor­setti, pub­lish­er with Broad Street Me­dia. “While we re­spect the his­tory Phil­adelphia has with City Pa­per, we have made a com­mit­ment to Philly Weekly that we in­tend to hon­or. It doesn’t make sense for us to com­pete with ourselves.”

Philly Weekly and phil­adelphi­aweekly.com have grown tre­mend­ously since we re­designed and re­vital­ized them after tak­ing over in Feb­ru­ary,” said Cor­setti. “We con­tin­ue to be the go-to source for the latest in food, arts, mu­sic and en­ter­tain­ment in Phil­adelphia. We’re ex­cited to wel­come City Pa­per read­ers to Philly Weekly as we con­tin­ue to grow and im­prove the pub­lic­a­tion.”

For longtime followers of Philly media, this isn’t unexpected, but the inevitable loss of jobs is sad nonetheless. For now it seems that after nearly 35 years City Paper is no more. This is hitting us more than we expected it to and we’re still trying to process all of this, so we’ll bring you more info as we have it.

September Was National Preparedness Month, And, Wait For It, Philly Just Let Us Know About It Today

Now that the Pope has come and gone, Philly residents who thrive on chaos need something new to freak the fuck out over. How about whether or not they are ready for a life-changing disaster? And so the city is encouraging people to learn about National Preparedness Month, a time of year where citizens can make an emergency plan in case shit goes down. This involves more than just having a bug-out bag on the ready, though that isn’t necessarily a bad idea at any time. (Cue “How To Disappear Completely”). We’ll leave it to the experts to help you coordinate your own response plan, as we are too busy enjoying the delicious fact that the city just let us know about all of this on the month’s final day. Or maybe September is also National Procrastination Month?

Noontime Nuggetz: Kurt Vile Plays “Pretty Pimpin'” Live On WFUV

As the promotional train for his LP B’lieve I’m Goin Down chugging along (including making a stop for a sold-out show at Johnny Brenda’s tonight), Kurt Vile has been stopping by several radio stations to play some of his new tunes. We’ve been enamored with “Pretty Pimpin'” since we first heard it, and it’s a song that’s energy really emerges when performed live. He played this during a stop at New York City’s WFUV, and you can hear live takes on “Wheelhouse” and “Goldtone” that were recorded during the same session here. This will especially come in handy if you weren’t able to get tickets for tonight. Enjoy.

Today’s Moment Of Philly Zen: Yannick Nézet-Séguin Throws The First Pitch At Last Night’s Phillies Game

Prior to the Phillies game against the Mets last night (oh hey, we won!) Philadelphia Orchestra Music Director Yannick Nézet-Séguin did a fantastic job throwing out the first pitch. (You can watch him practicing here). We know Yannick’s a busy dude and all, but could he maybe stop by Clearwater in the Spring to provide some throwing tips to the Phightins?

Dept. Of Uptown Funk: JAWN Radio To Premiere Next Year

Oh God, jawn. We have such complicated feelings about that word, even more so since it became a part of the Philly advertising lexicon. On one hand, daily usage of the word is a Philly birthright (and all that that implies). But then there’s the harsh reality that jawnsploitation is yet another example of how this city will eventually grind everything you cherish down into the most basic bullshit possible. It doesn’t have to be this way. The catch-all word’s salvation is coming in the form of JAWN Radio, a low-powered FM frequency — 98.5 WJYN on your dial — that has just been purchased by Uptown Entertainment and Development Corporation and will debut next year. As initially reported by Philly.com, JAWN will broadcasting from atop the legendary Uptown Theatre from 3pm to 3am daily, sharing its frequency with a station run by the Greater Philadelphia Asian Culture Center. As of yet there are no details about programming. We envision a station where classics like “The Sound of Philadelphia” play day and night, bringing jawn back to what it should be: Philly and classic.

FYI: The MEN CAN Rally Against Domestic Violence Is Happening Tomorrow In Love Park


The culmination of Lutheran Settlement House‘s #MenCan2015 campaign, a MEN CAN rally will be held tomorrow at 11am in Love Park to “empower and mobilize men to speak out against domestic violence.” Hosted by FOX29’s Quincy Harris (who will be honoring the station’s Mike Jerrick with a MEN CAN Community Advocate Award), the event aims to explore the shattering effects of family violence while providing information on how the devastating cycle can be broken through information and action. For more information on how you can get involved, check out Luther Settlement’s Instagram page.

The New PhillyMag Half-Assed Apology For Being Racist Is Out, And It’s Getting Rave Reviews!

For their October issue, Philadelphia Magazine did a story providing information on how to pick a school for your child…one that was accompanied by a cover photo of mostly white children. The lack of diversity was obviously shocking (but not surprising given the mag’s history), and a maelstrom of controversy erupted. Then came the apology. Yesterday, Editor Tom McGrath released an apology that included the following:

Second, it’s impossible to look at this cover without also acknowledging the magazine’s controversial history when it comes to race – as well as the culture within the magazine’s walls that leads to blown decisions like this one. I acknowledged following the publication of “Being White in Philly” two and a half years ago that we needed to do a better job of diversifying our staff and the voices who write for us. We made some progress, but obviously not nearly enough. So, after conversations with David Lipson, chairman of our parent company, Metro Corp, we’re recommitting ourselves to that goal, and pledging this time to make the process as transparent as possible. The details of that still need to be worked out, but we believe transparency is crucial, the only real way forward.

The magazine has always prided itself on taking on controversial subjects in Philadelphia. (Ironically, our upcoming December cover story focuses on racial bias on the Main Line.) But the October cover photo wasn’t some brave journalistic stand. It was a stupid, insensitive decision that I deeply regret.

We still can’t believe that cover actually made it to print in light of previous events at PhillyMag. Or wait, yes, we absolutely can. After the jump, the public responds. (more…)

September 29, 2015

This Evening: The Ghosts That Haunt You

>>> Willie Watson is at Boot & Saddle in support of his LP Folk Singer, Vol. 1 , because some Americana classics would do you good right about now.

>>> We would have made tonight’s Ghost show at Union Transfer tonight’s top pick, but shit is way sold out. Damn.

>>> Over at Johnny Brenda’s, it’s the synth/R&B/pop grooves of Superhumanoids. Wasn’t that also the name of a 1980s cartoons? Doesn’t matter, their songs are jams.

>>> Bourbon & Branch hosts Crazy: A Tribute to Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson , in which Philly acts do just that, unsurprisingly.

Recommended Listening: The Sonic Space Voyage That Is Air Is Human’s “Build Pyramids”

Earlier this year, director John Carpenter (Halloween, Escape from New York, 1982’s The Thing, and on and on and on) released Lost Themes, an LP of soundtrack cuts that never were. It was a fun experiment, but it never really had us envisioning the sci-fi or horror adventures the auteur was known for. “Build Pyramids,” the debut track from Equinox 2 from Philly’s Air Is Human is another matter entirely. This song is pure cinematic joy that hearkens back to the golden days of 1980s exploitation film scores. The work sounds like a cross between the dark instrumentals of Sleepy Eyes of Death blended with the cosmic post-rock of Screen Vinyl Image, weird and otherworldly. Air Is Human will celebrate the release of Equinox 2 tomorrow at Kung-Fu Necktie. Hit it up and score your own mental movie.

The City Controller’s Office Survey Presents A Papal Post-Mortem For Local Businesses

PopeshirtConfirming what you already heard and, on a deeper level, suspected, the results of a survey conducted by the office of City Controller Alan Butkovitz has just been released. The Inquirer has the details, with the bottom line being that it hit small businesses hard:

Last weekend’s visit by Pope Francis was good for hotels but terrible for restaurants and retail shops closest to the event, according to a business survey completed by the City Controller’s Office.

Seven hotels in the “Francis Festival Grounds” reported an 88 percent occupancy rate for a typical weekend, according to the survey.

But 19 restaurants reported that business was off by 55 percent and fifteen retail shops said they rung up just 21 percent of a typical weekend.

When viewed alongside of Stephen Starr’s comments on how the papal visit impacted the city and Mayor Nutter’s lashing out at the media yesterday, this news feels especially damning, all of this feels like yet another example of Why Philadelphia Can’t Have Nice Things. Except that magnificent above image by PinkBikeRalph. Nothing can ever tarnish that.

Dept. Of Dude It’s Rude: SEPTA Pats Themselves On The Back For Their Handling Of The Papal Visit

SeptalogoOne of the biggest causes of apprehension leading up to the papal visit was how SEPTA would manage the influx of people and how the various service changes would impact the city. The wind you felt around 8:45 on Sunday night? A sigh of relief that everything went well public transportation wise. So well in fact that a Metro piece titled “SEPTA: We were awesome during pope Philly visit” now exists. Sigh. This is all well and good — and trust us, we are as glad as anyone that SEPTA went smoothly this past weekend — but even a book bag-covered, possibly bed-bugged seat is empty twice a day, so maybe ease up on the cockiness, huh?