October 21, 2014

This Evening: The American Dream Of The White Fence

>>> Tim Presley is one of the few psychedelic revivalists who knows that real psychedelia never sounds revived. While lo-fi tinny guitar squeals and tape hiss drowning out mellotron voice leadings always remind contemporary listeners of their parents, they remind those parents of what, in the past, were the sounds of the future. That’s why White Fence, the solo venture of Tim Presley of The Strange Boys, Darker My Love and Ty Segall collaboration fame, always sound like a guitar band of yesteryear playing on a turntable in a time capsule just discovered elsewhere in space by some advanced race of beings. We can only imagine what the live show is like, or where it seems like it’s coming from. White Fence will be at Underground Arts at 8 with King Kizzard & The Lizard Wizard and Laser Background.

>>> Literature and Royal Shoals have both graced this feed before, and for good reason. Check them out with Ghost Gum at Johnny Brenda’s tonight.

And Now, Your Complete @215Festival Schedule


Later this week, The 215 Festival — Philadelphia’s literary arts festival, featuring readings and events with some of the city’s greatest writers (and some pretty good ones from more far-flung locales, too) — will ramp up, and we couldn’t be more excited. That’s for a few reasons. One is that the 215 Fest is one of our favorite times of the year. Another is that we’re proud and honored to welcome this year’s writers and authors — a lineup that is proof positive that Philly’s literary scene is fresh, robust and totally ready to party. But maybe most of all, we’re excited about where the 215 Fest is this year: South Street.

Allow us to explain: Since the 215 Festival was rebooted in 2013, it accidentally has also turned into a festival that celebrates neighborhoods. After all, this is Philadelphia, that great city of neighborhoods. And over the last few years, we’ve been lucky to throw events in East Passyunk, Fishtown, the Eraserhood and more. But when we considered what to do for this year’s Fest, time and again, South Street came up. Why? Well, for one, the South Street/Headhouse Square area features more independent bookstores than any other locale in the city: There’s Brickbat Books, Headhouse Books, Garland Of Letters, Mostly Books, Wooden Shoe and more. (Ever check out the Thrift For AIDS book section? It’s pretty great.) More than that, South Street plays host to a wide variety of reading series year-round at venues like Tattooed Mom and L’Etage. And beyond all of that, like any good Philadelphians, we all owe a debt of gratitude to South Street. And as the street is ever in the process of reinventing itself, imagine our surprise when, the more we looked at it, the more we realized that South Street isn’t just the home of cell phone stores and hookah shops anymore; it’s actually the city’s most organically-occurring literary destination. Looking at it that way, there was no other place that made any sense for the 215 Fest.

So starting this Thursday and running through Sunday, won’t you join us for any of these amazing, free readings and other events in the South Street area? As always, we promise your mind a great time. We can’t wait to see you.


Thursday, October 23
7PM: 215 Fest Kickoff Reading w/ Philly Poet Laureates at Headhouse Square
8PM: J. Robert Lennon/Wintfred Huskey/Erik Bader at Jim’s Steaks
9PM: Gigantic Sequins + Bedfellows 215 Fest Reading & Cocktails at Tattooed Mom

Friday, October 24
7PM: The Phila. Review of Books at Brickbat Books, featuring Lee Klein, Sugar Tongue Slim and many more
10PM: Literary Mixtape: 215 Fest Edition at Society Hill Society

Saturday, October 25
3PM: 215 FEST TYPE-IN @ Pumpkin Fall Fest! at Headhouse Square
4PM: Ixnay press presents: Sandra Simonds/Pattie McCarthy/Jenn McCreary at Headhouse Books
7PM: American Poetry Review presents: Dorothea Lasky & Thomas Devaney at Brickbat Books
8:30PM: (A Very Creepy) Writers Night In America: 215 Fest Edition at Tattooed Mom

Sunday, October 26
11AM: The Head & The Hand Press @ Headhouse Farmer’s Market
3PM: Sunday Afternooner: APIARY Magazine Staff Reading & Audience-Participation Junk/Treasure Auction at Tattoed Mom
10PM: Last Call w/ Tara Murtha/Elizabeth Scanlon/Joey Sweeney/Mark McCloughan at Society Hill Society

The 215 Fest is brought to you this year by DelanceyPlace.com and in partnership with the South Street Headhouse District and CultureTrust.

This Evening At The Philadelphia Film Festival: David Lynch’s The Straight Story

David Lynch has quite a few films screening at the PFF, and he has quite a lot going on elsewhere. For the past couple of months, really, hype about Lynch has been wrenching our works. But there is one movie that the Lynch hype usually tends to gloss over, and that’s 1999′s The Straight Story, the elegiac middle-american tale of Alvin Straight, whose heart and whose John Deere mower display unusual perseverance in pursuit of Straight’s ailing brother. The story is straight in tone, straight in structure, and straight in every way that Lynch’s movies usually aren’t.


Boxing Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Wasn’t Enough For Antoine Dodson


When Celebrity Boxing announced that Antoine Dodson was slated to box Michael Lohan in Broomall, we were less than impressed. Maybe that’s why they’ve brought him back. This time, however, it’s personal, or, more personal. On Sunday, November 6th at 9 PM Eastern, Antoine Dodson will fight Rashaad Cooper for Etv.com and, hopefully, reap his revenge once and for all on the “intruder” who inspired the once celebrated and now extremely annoying “Bed Intruder” video. We’re probably going to pass on this one, but if Dodson’s partnership with CB is anything like Leonardo DiCaprio’s with Martin Scorsese, maybe the best is yet to come.

Q&A: Jaeden Lieberher, Star of St. Vincent

Jaeden Lieberher has made such a splash with his performance in the touching and hilarious St. Vincent alongside Bill Murray (whom Lieberher can now count as a friend) that he’s since taken offers from Cameron Crowe and Jeff Nichols, and has some really interesting movies coming out in the next year. In St. Vincent, his character Oliver is polite but strong, withdrawn but tough. In real life, Jaeden is forthcoming and sincere, especially about growing up in South Philadelphia, what life has been like since moving to LA to start a Hollywood career, and what it’s like, after all that, to come back home. Read our interview with Jaeden after the jump. (more…)


Readers Cameraphone: Union Rat Tawt It Taw A Putty Tat!

It did! Outside da gay sportz bar!

Looks like the rat has a new friend. The Fat Cat! There’s something about the unions protesting a gay sports bar that makes me chuckle- every single time I walk by.


And though we have always had our own issues with The Union Rat, we also know that the Rat lives a life of loneliness and degradation. If what our reader here is saying is true, that this new “Cat” and the Rat are indeed “friends,” well, we wish them a lifetime of fun and Pottery Barn. Love truly can conquer all.

Seeing something around town of note? Cameraphone it to: tips[at]philebrity[dot]com.

Guys, C’mon: The Forbes Under 30 Thing May Be Lots Of Things, But “Cool” Isn’t One Of Them

eattherichWe can’t believe it’s us who have to be the ones to say this — Philebrity, for whom the dictum “Real life is not like Fugazi” is a guiding principle — but we have held our tongues as long as we could: The Forbes Under 30 Summit, currently underway in Philly, is not cool, and we wish you’d all stop talking about it like it was. Good for the city in terms of tourism dollars? Sure. Totally. Beneficial in raising the city’s profile as a center for tech and business? In some ways, we hope, at least? But cool? No. Aw hell no. C’mon son.

What was it that gave it away? Was it this Silicon Valley-esque (the TV show, not the actual place, though, sure, both) concert held in the Piazza over the weekend? That shit was like a white man’s overbite recast as a flash mob. Was it the fact that the supposedly business-friendly, business-focused Forbes event featured small businesses fenced right out of the action at the event so concertgoers were forced to purchase food and drink only from festival vendors? Or was it this Inquirer mash note, bearing the headline “Forbes Under 30 fest a big sign Philly is world-class cool?”

It was all of these things, and more. It was Philly’s desperation, which people like Forbes still smell on us like fear pee. It was the confused times we live in, where gentrification has rendered a new populace so drunk on itself it thinks that anything “entrepreneurial” is cool. (GOP, take note of this; these are your future people!) It was the goddamned Piazza. These were the things that tipped us off that this thing was not cool, and we wish we didn’t have to be the ones to break up the party and tell you what Forbes Under 30 really is. You might want to sit down before we tell you what it really is. Are you comfortable? Good. Here it is:

It’s a fucking promotional event for a fucking magazine that is primarily read by fucking assholes. And it may be a lot of things, but it’s not cool. And it doesn’t mean, Philadelphia, that you’re not cool if you maybe had some misgivings about it (even if you went along for the ride anyway). It just means that you’re… easy. I know, right? Who’d-a thunk it?

Noontime Nuggetz: Steve Gunn Live at PhilaMOCA

Ok, so this one’s a little bigger than a nugget, but we figured it was apropos. From the limply hanging ghost costume in the background to the shout-out to Steve Gunn’s dad, the vibe here is as intimate as a Steve Gunn show would have been back in the Inside Llewyn Davis era. And on top of that it’s just damn beautiful.

John Debella’s Antics Hit New Level Of Weirdness For 2014 “Wife Carry”

We’re not sure how best to describe it, but, well, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

The Hannibal Buress Bit On Bill Cosby Is Totally On Point

We show Bill Cosby a lot of appreciation here at Philebrity, because he’s from Philadelphia, and because, in our opinion, he’s a very funny comedian. And because we’re inclined to separate the art from the artist. In some cases, this can be very hard. When Hannibal Buress, who we spoke to recently, and whose point of view we trust, went after Bill Cosby during his show at the Trocadero last week, he wasn’t talking about Bill Cosby’s comedy. He was talking about Bill Cosby’s professed attitude as a public figure toward black communities in America, which are notoriously antiquated and controversial, and which sit in pretty jarring juxtaposition to the numerous allegations that he has sexually assaulted women. Despite the fact that Hannibal’s bit is actually pretty hilarious, it’s also totally serious, and worth taking as such. We don’t want to tell people to stop watching The Cosby Show. At this point, though, it ought to feel pretty weird.

“76er or Faulkner Character” Quiz Actually Virtually Impossible

We’re not sure who’s taking this quiz with any hope of scoring anywhere higher than the 60s, but definitely not us. There are some pretty deep cuts here, and unless you know the 76ers roster as well as you know your times tables (not even close) or you wrote a doctoral thesis on Faulkner (one paper in high school), you’re out of your range here. Quentin Compson, sure, no problem. Jerami Grant, easy enough. But Tobe Sutterfield? Ronald Roberts? We might be missing in action today, folks. We need to hit the library. Or at least dig around on YouTube. Take a crack at the list yourself:

1) Arnett Moultrie
2) Brandon Davies
3) Casper Ware
4) Crawford Gowrie
5) Donald Mahon
6) Elliot Williams
7) Herschell Jones
8) Hollis Thompson
9) Isaac McCaslin
10) Jack Houston
11) JaKarr Sampson
12) Jerami Grant
13) Joe Christmas
14) K.J. McDaniels
15) Quentin Compson
16) Ronald Roberts
17) Sam Caldwell
18) Stu MacCallum
19) Tobe Sutterfield
20) Vladimir K. Ratliff

Governor Corbett Will Sign The Re-Victimization Act If (And Here’s Hoping) It’s The Last Thing He Does

CBS reports that Governor Tom Corbett will be in Philadelphia today to sign the bill that will allow victims of crimes to file a complaint against the criminal or criminals responsible in the event that they seek or are offered the opportunity to speak publicly. According to CBS, “Civil rights groups call the measure vague, overbroad and a violation of constitutionally protected free speech,” which is essentially correct, given “civil rights groups” here can be considered interchangeable with “people possessed of sense and decency” and “vague” with “not substantive enough for a high school social studies paper, let alone the law.” This PhillyNow article makes the useful point that, with an election coming up, Corbett probably wants to limit his detractors’ abilities to be publicly vocal as much as possible. Maybe they’re right. Or maybe Corbett’s so sure he’s going to lose he’s seizing his last chance at a belligerent far-right flameout.

October 20, 2014

In 1982, Philadelphians Were Total Dicks To The Clash

Sad but true. This pic got us going yesterday:

And while we knew that The Clash indeed had played Philly a few times — we would have loved to have been at this gig — we’d somehow forgotten that the pic in question puts them on a date opening for The Who at JFK — Sat, 25 September 1982, to be exact. Old heads will clock the location here being by the gates the long-gone JFK Stadium, and serious Clash fans will recognize this particular image — convertible and boom box — from the footage that’s in the “This Is Radio Clash” (though the look is the same, the footage in that clip is from the BQE, WHY DO I KNOW ALL OF THIS). In any case, how was the gig?

Um, not that great. One fan, David from Malvern, remembered it this way:

The Clash was treated abominably. The crowd started booing immediately after they were introduced. All manner of debris was thrown at the stage. I remember Joe Strummer was hit right between the eyes with an apple. Mick Jones was hit by a soda bottle while in mid-leap. He picked it up and drank from it.

A civic shame though it may be — sometimes I feel this place creep up inside of me in a way that makes me feel there’s not a damned thing in this world that’s decent — you have to hand it to the guy: Strummer 1, Philly 0.

Come to think of it, I’m completely comfortable with that.

The Week Ahead In Comedy: Triple Double Trouble & Other Delights

Funny, they don’t look like murderers, oh wait, no, they totally do:
Triple Double hits the Figment Theater on Friday night.

There are few better ways to get down to a comic’s level than by drinking in a basement. Downstairs from the streets, Medusa Lounge is host to “We Do!,” Tuesday night’s home for underground stand-up and citywide specials. Musical guest Nathan Kalish and the Lastcallers will open this week’s open mic, which is the only show in town to feature a first half and an “intimate half.” Get close. Tuesday, 9:30PM. No cover.

Where will you be the night of the 24th!? An interview with an audience member will fuel an hour of improv comedy from Figment Theater‘s original resident ensemble, Triple Double, this Friday at Figment Theater. According to recent allegations, Triple Double is a “murderer’s row” of improvisers featuring Dan Corkery, Frank Farrell, Brian Rumble, Max Sittenfield, Caitlin Weigel, and Corin Wells. Friday, 9:30PM. $5. Figment Theater, 1219 Vine St, Studio C.

Body parts of all kinds will be convening at The Mütter Museum Sunday, as Hillary Rea’s storytelling series “Tell Me a Story” takes on the theme of — what else? — “Guts.” The featured storytellers will be Nikki Black, Jaime Fountaine, Beth Lander, Steve Lippe, Zeeshan Nayeemuddin, Katie Samson, and Michael Yudell. See and hear what’s inside of people. Sunday, 3pm. Tickets available online.

– Alejandro Morales

Alejandro Morales is one of the six rotating hosts of the award-winning (and later, award-losing) Laughs on Fairmount open mic, every Monday at 8pm at Urban Saloon. See his webseries at thedatesshow.com and follow him on twitter @AlleyHandRow.

[Photo: Erin Pitt]

Noontime Nuggetz: Philly, Meet Dronestagram

Dronestagram is a site that aggregates drone-generated video footage of cities and places all over the world, and this clip of Philly by videographer David Mielcarek just popped up over there. Philly’s lookin’ pretty good in this one, but damn, that Skrillex soundtrack is shite.

Previously: The Drone Video Of The Divine Lorraine Hotel Is Like An Episode of BoardWalk Empire Set In The Future

Monica Lewinsky Just Made People Cry At The Forbes Under 30 Thing

“I was patient zero,” she said, “the first person to have their reputation completely destroyed via the internet.” Daily News reporter Stephanie Farr is live-tweeting the event right now. In other news regarding Forbes Under 30 causing tears in Philly, there’s this whole mess at the Piazza. Then again, is the Piazza actually technically in Philly anymore?

And The First Philly Weed Ticket Goes To…

… PhillyNORML activist and US Marine Corps combat veteran Mike Whiter, who received the City’s first citation for marijuana possession under the new laws this morning at 8:00AM. According to a press release just issued by PhillyNORML, “Whiter negotiated with PPD Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan and Civil Affairs department head Captain Stephen Glenn to engage in the peaceful action. Whiter, an underground medical cannabis patient, walked into the outdoor rotunda at City Hall then lit a marijuana joint. He was issued a $100 ticket for public cannabis smoking.”

Weird Monday, man. Full press release after the jump. (more…)

Happy Marijuana Monday, Philadelphia!

We were going to call it “Relaxed Punishment For Marijuana Possession Monday,” because that is more accurate, but it just didn’t have the same ring to it. In any case, yes, effective today, if you get caught by the Philly po-po with up to 30 grams, or one ounce, of marijuana, you’re looking at a $25 fine. Or at least, that’s what supposed to happen, this is Philly, who knows, you might get choked out, you might get free Eagles tickets. This is the law, but life in this town remains a crap shoot, so let’s not lose our heads here, alright? Even so, we are anxiously awaiting to see who becomes locally famous in the next 24 hours for being the first person in Philly to get a weed ticket. Is Biden in town today?

We’ll Bet You A Dollar That You Didn’t Know That Tom Corbett’s Middle Name Is “Wingett”

Oh, but it is. And in this same Pittsburgh Post-Gazette piece, we also glimpse the Walter Mitty-esque fantasy life of the embattled candidate:

“[It..] gets renewed every day for me, renewed in seeing the people, traveling the state, going into a convenience store or a fast food store, getting coffee here and there, people coming up and saying, ‘Governor, keep doing what you’re doing.’ ”

Now yes, we are partisan as fuck on this one and all, but even so, just at a basic human level, the only scenario in which we can imagine any Pennsylvanian saying “Governor, keep doing what you’re doing” would be if, like, he put an old, nasty creamer into his coffee and he was stirring it, trying to get those clumpy white bits to go away.

Speaking of trying to get clumpy white bits to go away, here is some more Corbett Monday morning guidance:

· Just now on Radio Times With Marty Moss-Coane, after talking with Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner Tom Wolf, Moss-Coane then spoke with GOP Lt. Governor Jim Cawley. Her first line of questioning detailed a months-long effort to get Corbett to make an appearance on the show, only to be rebuffed over and again, even when — last week in fact — Corbett was actually in the WHYY building. Cawley’s answer — “he’s just too darned busy!” — was awkward.

· Meanwhile, false media: He do need it, do he? It would seem so, as Corbett is sticking by some ad campaigns which do not pass the FactCheck.org sniff test. 

· Nevertheless, a new poll has Corbett trailing Wolf by just seven points, which in addition to scaring you enough to actually vote, should also serve as a reminder of how we all wound up here to begin with: Who needs facts when you’ve got Wingett?

The Cover Of Saturday’s Daily News Set A New Benchmark For Daily News-iest

photo (9)

You may not know or not remember that the Daily News actually publishes a paper on Saturdays (ICYMI, the Inquirer publishes a paper on Sundays, but there’s really nothing to see there). Well, they do, and on Saturday, they struck headline/Photoshop/podunk-PA-politics gold with the above “Porn Maze” bonanza. And even if this story about Judge Seamus McCaffery was not worth the price of admission alone, the whole thing still would have been gold, gold, gold. In fact, the Native Americans would have called it… (a-)maize.