September 18, 2013

This Evening: Cold Caves

>>> Out at the Mann Center’s Skyline Stage — it’s really a beautiful night to hit that place up — the semi-locally-tied The Walkmen open up for Arctic Monkeys, who playing behind their newest album, the boozy AM.
>>> At the Philadelphia Art Alliance the fall season of the Cave Cast, a series of live podcast events featuring a conversation with DJs and musicians about the craft of curating music, kicks off talking Surf Rock with Holly Sue Allen aka DJ SnKpaK.
>>> And the laid-back alt-country grooves of the Scud Mountain Boys will be on display at Milkboy, with a full support cast including Sean Rowe and Heather Shayne Blakeslee & Sweetbriar Rose.

Reminder: Join Us Tomorrow Night At The Race Street Pier For The Final Third Thursday Live And Local Of The Summer!

third moody

You feel that weather outside? You wouldn’t believe it, but technically it’s still summer. So the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation is wrapping up the Third Thursdays Live and Local at the Race Street Pier tomorrow night with performances by Chill Moody, Osiris Rex, and the Joe Jordan Experiment. It’s gonna be a great way to cap the season off, and we hope you’ll join us.

Elvis Costello Joined The Roots At Their Day Job Last Night

On last night’s edition of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, popular New York City rap group The Roots brought in popular English hat-wearer Elvis Costello to play “Walk Us Uptown,” the lead single off of their collaborative effort, Wise Up Ghost. The album came out yesterday, was previously streaming on XPN, and has hit Spotify and all other markets. We said it last week, and we’re going to say it again: This album is very good. That song is kinda weak though.


And Now, Let Us Suggest Cameras On The Backs Of Those Hawkwatch Hawks

Yes, this has nothing to do with us, Philadelphia, or anything, but look at that. There isn’t a single one of us who hasn’t tried to imagine what it would be like to have the power of flight. This eagle’s got it, but for the most part, seems to be just chillin’ up there. And not that there’s anything wrong with Hawkwatch as it is, but man, wouldn’t it be so much cooler if we could set something like this up? That’s our suggestion.

[h/t io9]

Recommended Viewing: Original Punks

Copyright Pier Nicola D’Amico

That picture above, which we kinda can’t stop looking at, is of Jodi Head, who may be one of the first punks in Philly. It’s all part of Pier Nicola D’Amico (of Brown Street’s D’Amico Studios)’s Between Glam Rock and New Wave: the Lost Archive. Of the photos, D’Amico says:

I took these pictures in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when I was young and untrained and life in old New York was dirty and dangerous. I bounced back and forth from Philly and Manhattan, girlfriend in PA, school in NY. The people you see kissing, embracing, and staring into space were my friends and lovers. Their exposed narrative allowed me to explore emerging teenage sexuality, among other themes. We also were committed to being punks, which means that we rejected everything.

All we had was the music, the bar and what set us apart.

We drank and did drugs to kill the isolation of no future and numb the scornful looks that people gave us on the street. In turn, we scorned commercialism, big music, the hippie generation’s utopian fantasies, and the cultural paradigm around us.”

You can scroll through the photos over here, and really , you’re gonna want to put some time aside to marvel at them.


Captain Freeshit: Win A Pair Of Tickets To See Atoms For Peace At The Liacorus Center On Tuesday!

In all of his time leading what became one of the biggest bands in the world in Radiohead, Thom Yorke never had any side projects. Yes, he made a solo album, The Eraser, in 2006, but that was it. But in 2009, when Yorke decided he wanted to play that album live, he put together a band to do it. That band became Atoms for Peace, featuring longtime Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, Joey Waronker, uh … Flea, and Mauro Refosco. Earlier this year, the band’s debut album, the afro-beat-influenced AMOK, was released to widespread acclaim, and now, months later, they’re still playing in support of it. That tour brings them to the Liacorus Center on Tuesday night, and we’d like you to be there. To enter to win tickets, email ihopeiwin[at]philebrity[dot]com with “RUNNIN’ AMOK” in the subject header. You’ll automatically be subscribed to the forthcoming new Philebrity Reader weekly newsletter and win chances for other exclusive free stuff. We’ll pick winners after the weekend.

Allen Iverson Supposedly Once Paid About $2,000 For Four Cases Of Corona

bobbleOf the many stories from Allen Iverson‘s playing days regarding his lack of concern for how much money he spent, this may be the only one that was not totally his fault. According to MassLive, Iverson once gave a Celtics ballboy $2,000 for as much beer as it would get him, and ended up with about four cases of Corona. Said ballboy Chris Mannix told the story this way, to Sports Illustrated‘s Off the Record: After the Sixers were eliminated from the playoffs by the Celtics in 2002, AI handed him “close to $2,000,” and asked him to get “as much Corona as he could for the team bus.”

Mannix says he walked to the nearest liquor store (that’s your first problem), and purchased as much beer as he could. And then, “as he rolled the beer back a quarter of a mile on a hand truck, happy Bostonians started stealing cases of beer. The amount of alcohol in Mannix’s control further diminished when Celtics players saw him in the players parking lot and took some for themselves.” By the time he got back to AI, only about four cases remained.

You gotta figure each case costs about $30. That makes 66 cases, with some change left over. We doubt this dude was rolling a handtruck with nearly 70 cases of beer on it, but if somehow that is what happened, than this is the story of how Allen Iverson bought 62 cases of beer for the people of Boston.

Obvious Survey Says People Believe The School System Will Force People To Seek Other Options

pctHey, with everything going in with Philadelphia’s school system right now, did you know some people think that could cause families to seek out other options? Crazy right? That a budget shortfall, almost-late opening, mass-firing, and more would actually hurt the school district’s appeal? That’s just wacky. But according to the world’s most obvious survey, that’s exactly what people think.

According to CBS3, a survey conducted by Pew Charitable Trusts found that 48% of respondents “said they believed the state of the financially beleaguered Philadelphia schools system would force families to look for other educational options, such as private schools, religious schools, or charters.” In addition, 23% said they thought it would force families to leave the city altogether. Eighteen percent thought the schools were doing a “good” or “excellent” job, and we really have no idea who those people are.

When asked who they thought was to blame, “Thirty-one percent said Mayor Nutter and City Council were responsible for the current condition of Philadelphia schools, another 31 percent said Governor Corbett and the state legislature were.” The worst part is that they’re both right.

Allyson Schwartz Gets Props From Brian Sims And AIDS Activists, Corbett Gets Santorum’d

schwartzCongresswoman Allyson Schwartz, who we recently dubbed a “lovely woman most Philadelphians love” because it’s true and also to counteract Tom Corbett, is getting some love from people who Corbett would never be able to count in his corner.

Yesterday, AIDS activist group ACT UP Philadelphia, along with Health GAP, held a “People with HIV Rally” at Schwartz’s office, before moving on to NYC for a United Nations meeting. ACT UP, according to a press release, were there to “thank Congresswoman Schwartz for her recent steps to push Governor Corbett to accept Medicaid expansion as part of the Affordable Care Act, and urge her to support a financial transaction tax to generate new revenue.” So it was a bit of a “bring us some figgy pudding” situation, where they were all “Hey, thanks for all of your good work, now keep it up.”

That support only added to the namedrop she received in a piece Rep. Brian Sims wrote for The Guardian, where he said:

Allyson Schwartz, the stalwart congresswoman and front-runner to defeat our entrenched Republican Governor Tom Corbett next year, is fully supportive of LGBT civil rights. Congresswoman Schwartz famously stood up against the Pennsylvania DOMA as one of just five state senators to do so, in the mid-1990s, long before any state had sanctioned same-sex marriages. Her vote against the now-embattled law was a courageous act of solidarity with Pennsylvania’s LGBT community in a time when there were few allies in positions of power.”

That’s high praise. Meanwhile, Tom Corbett was last seen covering his ears and shouting “LA-LA-LA-LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU” when his people told him he’d been endorsed by Rick Santorum and that Ricky boy “absolutely” has plans to campaign for him in 2014.

And Now, Today’s GOOD NEWS: Choose Your Own Adventure

A few months back, we let you know the the Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics was offering up some grants for “individuals or groups who create an innovative project that incorporates art and design to address civic challenges or improve a public space.” Today, Mayor Nutter announced those winners, and they sound pretty damn cool:

>>> Public Workshop will receive a $6,000 grant to support a new signage initiative in City Hall to facilitate individuals navigating City Hall quickly and efficiently. This initiative is called “Choose Your Own City Hall Adventure.”

>>> University City District will receive a $3,900 grant to create “Tree Seats”, a functional art project that will provide seating in naturally shaded areas across University City.

>>> The North 5th Street Revitalization Project will receive a $5,100 grant to support the Gateways to Olney, Where Local is Global project, a collaborative partnership working to transform bus stops at key intersections along the North 5th Street commercial corridor into small-scale visitor centers.

>>> The Friends of Maplewood Mall will receive a $5,000 grant to support the Re-Imagining of Maplewood Mall project which plans to provide physical improvements to the Maplewood Mall, including arts-related programming.”

The winners were selected from a pool of over 30 submissions, and we’re totally on board with Tree Seats.

So there you have it: The world is not totally made of shit. Have you got some good news? If so, send it to tips[at]philebrity[dot]com with “GOOD MOTHERFUCKING NEWS!” in the subject header — we’d love to hear about it.

September 17, 2013

This Evening: If It Bleeds …

>>> Karen O, who as of late has been channeling some sort of Debbie-Harry-dressed-as-Freddy-Mercury vibe, brings the rest of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Festival Pier tonight for the first Philly YYY’s show on the Mosquito tour circuit.
>>> And PhilaMOCA‘s Tuesday Tune-Out — this month curated by YNot Radio — brings Ivory Tuskk (a.k.a. Robbie Bennett of The War On Drugs) and Gretchen Lohse alongside a secret film screening which is totally not Predator. Nope, not at all.

Dept. Of Meaningless Lists: Beer, Soup, And Clothes Will Make You Rich


Those names above, the people in charge of Campbell’s Soup, Urban Outfitters, and Yuengling among others, are the only Pennsylvania residents on the Forbes list of the 400 Richest Americans. The third-highest name on the list above, that of Villanova drop-out Michael Rubin, may be less known. Rubin has made more money than some nations will ever see, and is a minority owner of the 76ers along with being the CEO of Kynetic (which includes online retailing and more). Sixers majority owner Joshua Harris also makes the list, coming in at #222, with a total of $2.5 billion, you know, in case you really needed to know. We didn’t need to know, because for us, once you get any higher than like $5 million, it all runs together.

And Now, Today’s GOOD NEWS: There Will Be Bills In Both The State House And Senate To Ban Anti-Gay “Conversion Theraphy” For Minors

simsState Representatives Brian Sims (pictured, right, doing his best Blue Steel) and Gerald Mullery (of Luzerne County) announced their plan today to “introduce a bipartisan bill to protect Pennsylvania children by banning mental health providers from engaging in anti-gay ‘conversion therapy’ for minors.” State Senator Anthony H. Williams also introduced a similar bill recently in the senate.

Sims, at a press conference today, said:

Just last month, New Jersey’s Republican governor and Democratic legislature worked together to ban this practice. The governor there cited ‘a litany of potential ill effects of trying to change sexual orientation, including depression and suicide.’ California has also passed a similar law. Pennsylvania children deserve the same protection.

It’s been 40 years since the American Psychological Association excluded homosexuality from being classified as a mental disorder, and the APA has published studies showing that patients younger than 18 suffer from a multitude of harmful effects associated with this so-called therapy, including withdrawal and suicidal thoughts. It’s time to protect Pennsylvania children from this quackery that can inflict years of harm for those who manage to survive it.”

Monique Walker, doctoral candidate at Drexel University and Counseling Services Coordinator at the Attic Youth Center in Philadelphia was on hand as well, and said “In my experience, there is oftentimes a deeply rooted connection to religious fundamentalism that underscores the thought processes of many advocates of so-called ‘conversion therapy,’ which highlights the need for clinicians to take a hard look at their own biases and motivations for practicing under the auspices of good clinical practice and ignoring the ethical issues and very real consequences of these methods.”

So there you have it: The world is not totally made of shit. Have you got some good news? If so, send it to tips[at]philebrity[dot]com with “GOOD MOTHERFUCKING NEWS!” in the subject header — we’d love to hear about it.

Here’s The Campaign Contribution History Of City Council, Or: People In Texas Love To Contribute

kenney map

We’ve professed our love for interactive maps before, but Axis Philly really knows how to throw one together: Axis has unveiled The Money Maps, showing how much money was contributed to City Council members from 2007 to 2012. The map also shows where that money came from on a city, regional, and national level.

For example, let’s look at our three possible mayoral candidates currently in City Council. Councilman At-Large Jim Kenney, in 2012, raised $87,500 in the city. That total jumps to $108,000 when you look at surrounding counties, and when you look at the U.S. as a whole, the total reaches $128,400 as minor contributions came from New York, Florida, and Texas. The most Kenney received in one year was in 2007, when $302,100 worth of donations came in across the country.

Bill Green, also a Councilman At-Large, had a big year in 2007 as well, raising $827,000 throughout the United States — nearly 20% of which came from outside of Pennsylvania, in states including California, Georgia, Iowa, Texas, and Virginia. Within the city that year, 57% of Green’s $426,200 raised came from only three wards (8, 9, and 66).

And Darrell Clarke, who could run, but we still think probably won’t, had his biggest year in 2011 (2012 data wasn’t available for Clarke). The $198,200 he raised that year came mostly from the city ($125,100 of it), but a sizable portion of that came from wards completely outside of the district Clarke represents.

You can do some serious time-killing poking around the maps yourself over here.

DVR Alert: Tomorrow On TCM Is Mario Lanza Day, For Some Reason

student-prince-movie-poster-1954-1020293487Philly’s native son Mario Lanza — born Alfredo Arnold Cocozza, seen on a mural at Broad and Reed — is being celebrated tomorrow on Turner Classic Movies for no reason whatsoever, but we’re totally fine with it.

TCM — after opening their day up with Un Chien Andalou at 12:30AM (respect points for that one) presents a bunch of Lanza-featuring presentations starting at 8PM. 1957′s The Seven Hills of Rome starts it all off, followed by Lanza’s final film, For The First Time, at 10PM. The Great Caruso plays at midnight, The Student Prince — which features only Lanza’s singing voice — at shows at 2 AM, and 1952′s Because You’re Mine closes it all out at 4AM. We don’t expect you to stay up late watching ten hours of Mario Lanza — in fact, we and everyone you know would prefer you didn’t — but the next sick day or rainy evening you come across, you’re gonna want these ready to go in your DVR.

Billy Penn’s Steps Exist, Are Getting A Historical Marker

View Larger Map

We’re about to get a few more of those blue and yellow historical markers: The Wood Street Steps, a set of stone stairs connecting Front Street with Water Street — you can see the entrance to them above — have been approved by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission for a historical marker. According to, the stairs, which are the “last remaining of about a dozen such staircases that William Penn ordered built in 1684 to ensure public access to the increasingly congested Delaware River waterfront,” got their marker after being denied one in 2011. In addition to the steps, markers will be placed commemorating Old St. Mary’s Church (252 S. 4th St.), Pennepack Baptist Church (8732 Krewstown Road, Bustleton), and one honoring medical pioneer Walter M. Golaski near 34th and Lancaster.

All of these markers denote a better time in our history than the one denoting the Lombard Street Riot. But hey, history.

Noontime Nuggetz: The Fleeting Ends, “Elaine,” In A Living Room

The Fleeting Ends – Elaine | Sofar Philadelphia (#448) from Bob Sweeney on Vimeo.

Back in mid-August, The Fleeting Ends played a Sofar Sounds session — which is a secret, curated, intimate gig in a living room — where they busted out their new-ish tune “Elaine.” It’s a hootenanny stomp-along if we’ve ever heard one, likely aided by the living room arrangement. “Elaine,” and a whole bunch of other tunes, are available on this year’s Our Eyes Are Peeled.

Pee Pipe: A Requiem

New 3rd World Pee

The pee pipe, it turns out’s a myth,
Something that everyone missed,
Is man’s gotta keep cool,
With no room for a pool,
But his drippings are mistaken for piss.

Previously: Readers Cameraphone: It Wouldn’t Be The New 3rd World Without Its Own “Pee Pipe,” Now Would It?

This Is What Boeing Is Able To Design, Build, And Test In Less Than A Month … In Delco

The people at Boeing out in Ridley Park designed and built that crazy flying machine above in only 27 days, and they did it for a contest. Now, imagine what kind of crazy, experimental, top secret flying shit they’re making there with big-money that they’re not showing us. Right? RIGHT? Or maybe we’ve just been re-watching too many episodes of the X-Files.

Josh Homme Does Not Care For Jay Z, His Festival, Or His Champagne

QOTSA_LikeClockwork-PackshotQueens of the Stone Age played this year’s Made In America Festival. Josh Homme is the singer/guitarist in Queens of The Stone Age. Josh Homme cared not for the Made In America Festival.

When the QOTSA-frontman was being interviewed on CBC Radio 2′s “Strombo Show”, Homme decided to let anyone listening know what he really thinks of Jay Z. Pulling no punches and letting the insults fly, Homme called Jay a “kook.”

As it turns out, Homme didn’t appreciate the fact that he, Josh Homme, was asked by security to show what was in his bag. Homme stressed that in all of his years of playing festivals, he’s never been frisked. “No one’s ever done that,” he said, “you shouldn’t frisk my guys, you should fuck off,” though it seems like there should probably be another option there. He also said that he didn’t appreciate being asked to pose with a bottle of Armand de Brignac champagne, a brand which Jay Z reportedly makes money off of. Homme said, “I was like, ‘That’s not a gift– that’s a marketing tool.’ I destroyed it, ’cause I thought it was rude overall.” There is no word on how many commemorative cans of Budweiser he and the band then consumed.