WATCH: Incredibly Ornate & Delightful Artist "Peep Show" Teeny Tiny House

Philly-based artist Serena Perrone works in a variety of mediums, and her piece "Fata Morgana/Mondo Nuovo" synthesizes a bunch of them all at once: Scultpture, printmaking, installation, probably others. It does so, meanwhile, in a way that's totally captivating in its DuChamp-ian, colorful micro-ness. "Fata Morgana/Mondo Nuovo is a peepshow," she says, "that presents an ambivalent narrative mythologizing the small Sicilian hill-top town of my family’s origin, employing many pre-cinematic themes and conventions to reveal a complex setting that is at once enchanting, idyllic and abysmal. True to any place, the more time spent looking, the more the curtain is drawn back to reveal hidden narratives." It's currently on view as a part of Perrone's contribution to The Print Center's 91st Annual International Competition Solo Exhibitions (through August 5, hurry!).