WATCH: Nightlands' Mini-Homage To The Pinball Machine At Loco Pez

Human Hearts

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Dave Hartley wears a lot of hats — bassist for The War on Drugs, sought-after session dude and of course, CEO of the dreamy science-pop project Nightlands — but to those who know him best, he is perhaps above all an increasingly noted pinball aficionado. When he’s not traveling the world in search of perfect pin (usually using apps like this one, basically Grindr for pinball machines), he’s perched at Fishtown’s Loco Pez, at the lone pinball machine in the back, which has alternately been a Ghostbusters one, or a Family Guy one, and so on. And in this teaser vid for his for “Human Hearts,” from the forthcoming Nightlands LP I Can Feel The Night Around Me, Hartley bares what one imagines to be both his heart and his daily pinball commute. Like “Lost Moon,” the other leaked track from I Can Feel…, “Human Hearts” traffics in a sweetly, melancholy kinda space doo-wop/Lover’s Lane type of vibe — perhaps appropriately bittersweet for Loco Pez, who’ve seen better days.

I Can Feel The Night Around Me is out on May 5th, with the attendant Nightlands tour hitting Johnny Brenda’s on May 27th. Check out "Lost Moon" here: